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Choosing an Aneros Prostate Massager

Aneros was established in 2000 with only one prostate massager model available. Today we offer 13 different models in addition to many accessories. With so many items, making the right choice can be a daunting task. Getting to know a little bit of information about our products will make that process easier. This overview will give you some background on our products and assist you in finding a model that’s a good fit for you. If you’re still undecided after reading this, no worries, we have a recommendation tool that follows that will streamline the process even further.

To start with, know that all Aneros prostate massagers have several things in common. They are hands-free devices, anatomically designed to work in harmony with your body. While we do offer several models with electronic enhancements, all Aneros products are designed to be powered by anal contractions, that is…no batteries required. All Aneros prostate massagers stimulate the perineum, the anus, the prostate and the K-spot (an acupressure spot below the tail bone) simultaneously. And all Aneros products are designed to promote prostate health and pleasure.

The Aneros product line consists of 2 series and one style which are groupings of products, plus 6 standalone products.

The Trident Series

Aneros Trident Family

The Tridents are our award-winning contemporary versions of the core legacy models (MGX, Helix, Eupho, Maximus) that established Aneros as the originator of handsfree prostate play. Made of a rigid medical-grade thermoplastic, each Trident is designed for a different level of performance in strength of stimulation, responsiveness, fullness and action.

The Syn Series

Aneros Syn Family

The SYNS extend the level of comfort of our 3 most popular Trident series products with the addition of a layer of our velvet touch silicone to the exterior of each massager. This provides a layer of padding that many users find more comfortable for insertion and for solo and partnered play - great for intercourse. The Syns have more flexible arms, which gives them a different kind of responsiveness and also makes them more compatible with lengthy sessions and overnight wear. Besides that, they have a cool, dark look that many users prefer.

Trident/Syn Core Styles

Aneros MGX
The MGX has a medium-sized gently angled head and body, with a ribbed stem. A model with good responsiveness producing moderate levels of prostate stimulation with enhanced anal stimulation. Excellent for beginners, great for users of all experience levels.  Available models are the MGX Trident and MGX Syn Trident.

Aneros Helix
The Helix offers a larger angled head and midsection with a thinner more contoured stem. The result is a model with enhanced responsiveness that generates stronger, more focused stimulation with greater responsiveness. Great for high-spirted beginners, excellent for intermediate to advanced users.  Available models are the Helix Trident and Helix Syn Trident.  The vibrating Helix Syn V is also available (see below).

Aneros Eupho
The Eupho is our slimmest shape with the smallest body and head, specially contoured and balanced to provide more gentle stimulation with the most responsiveness. Originally designed for advanced user it’s also an excellent “ice-breaker” for new users, particularly those who are apprehensive about anal penetration.  It also excels when used during intercourse.  Available models are the Eupho Trident and Eupho Syn Trident.

Aneros Maximus
The Maximus features a large, rounded head, larger midsection and stem. The Maximus produces fuller anal and rectal sensations with less focused prostate stimulation. Recommended for intermediate users and above, or those with some experience with anal/prostate massage.  Available as the Maximus Trident.

Syn+ Style

Aneros PSY
The Aneros PSY features adjustable perineum and Kundalini arms, allowing micro-adjustments for the perfect fit and pressure on the perineum. It has a mid-sized head and body with pronounced ribs for superb prostate and anal canal stimulation. Recommended for adventurous beginners and above.


The Progasm Style

20th Anniversary Progasm Models

Aneros Progasm Family

Redesigned to celebrate its 20th Anniversary, the Progasm was originally created to answer the demand for a rigid model that is more filling, more agile and produced stronger stimulation than the Maximus. The Progasm’s larger, angled head and larger midsection results in surprisingly responsive performance with fuller more focused sensations. The Progasm is available in 3 colors with 2 finishes: Black ICE and ICE (glossy, ultra-smooth) and the Classic (white satin). Given the size, our Progasm models are generally recommend for users with anal/prostate play experience.

The Progasm Jr.

Aneros Progasm Jr.

The Progasm Jr. is a more compact version of the Progasm. Comparable in size to the Helix Trident, the Jr. has a more upright profile. Like the Helix, it has a larger angled head, a larger midsection and thinner stem. The result is a product with an enhanced level of stimulation and a more moderate level of responsiveness. The Progasm Jr. is made of a rigid, ultra-smooth glossy, black thermoplastic that some users find more comfortable for insertion. Great for high-spirited beginners and all other experience levels.

Vibrating Models

Aneros makes 2 vibrating prostate massagers. These models can used with or without vibration and provide enhanced levels of stimulation.

Helix Syn V
Slightly larger than the original Helix Syn Trident, the Syn V offers 8 preset vibration patterns at 3 levels of intensity for a total of 24 sensory experiences using a single multifunction button. When combined with your contractions, the possibilities are endless. The Syn works equally well without vibration, making it one of the most versatile products we offer. The Helix Syn V is a terrific model for high-spirted beginners, and intermediate to advanced users.

The VICE 2
The VICE 2, the follow up to our award-winning original VICE, is the largest model that Aneros makes and is designed for users who are experienced in anal/prostate play or those who desire fullness with focused stimulation. VICE 2’s dual motor design provides 18 preset patterns at 4 levels of intensity for a whopping 72 sensory experiences. It also features an ergonomic wireless remote with a “joy button” that allows you to control motor speed with the pressure of your thumb.


Aneros Unisex Toys

In addition to prostate massagers, Aneros also offers two models that are anal stimulators. Specially balanced so they wobble when introduced into the body they create gentle, yet powerful waves of stimulation. Terrific for enhancing traditional sexual encounters, excellent for generating powerful handsfree orgasms, great for solo and partnered activity. Designed for all levels of experience. Excellent ice-breakers for those who are apprehensive about anal play.

The Peridise
The Peridise is a set of two stimulators made of a medical-grade thermoplastic.

The Tempo
The Tempo is a stainless steel anal stimulator that features the heat conductivity, density and weight that many users crave. *The Tempo contains trace amounts of nickel and should be avoided by those with nickel allergies.