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Helix Trident

Sale price$55.00

  • Angled head for more focused stimulation
  • Specially balanced for superior responsiveness
  • Rigid construction for stronger sensation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously
  • Perfect for users of all levels
  • XBIZ Awards 2019 Winner - Sex Toy of the Year (Non-Powered)
Helix Trident Main Product Image
Helix Trident Sale price$55.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Helix Trident

Of all the Aneros products tried to date the Helix Trident is my favorite. It gives fullness without sacrificing movement. I am a 59 year old heterosexual - if only I had Aneros when younger!


Helix Trident

First attempt

Overall impressions:
-slides right in
-cleans easy
-feels good but doesn’t quite simulate p spot right

A more objective look at the Helix Trident

Like most products of this ilk, one's own experience plays a heavy part in a review. With this review, I'd like to point out how I feel about the product objectively instead of subjectively, as many people will have conflicting opinions, and your mileage may vary when it comes to how effective it is for you.

If you're like me and worry about discreet-ness, you needn't worry too much. The box it ships in is plain brown, with the only descriptor of what's inside being the "HIH Warehouse" and address on the shipping label, which doesn't really give any clues as to what's inside (HIH standing for High Island Health, Aneros' parent company). In that box you'll find the main box like what you'd see hanging on a shelf in a shop (the one shown in the product pictures), and inside that is a black and red box that the massager is stored in. It's made of a thick card kind of material (think like a hardcover book) and has a magnetic flap to keep it closed. It's quite nice that they include this, and I'm kind of surprised to see that they don't really mention it anywhere on the product page. This box does have "ANEROS" printed on two of the sides, and while it's not too prominent, you may want to find a good hiding spot for it if you're worried about peering eyes.

Before it arrived, I was - like many others - skeptical of the seemingly high price tag ("It's just a little piece of plastic, right?"). However, after receiving it and getting a feel for it, I can definitely attest to it's quality. I was expecting the plastic to be glossy and light, but it instead has a *very* smooth satin finish, and it has a satisfying weight to it as well. There are also absolutely no seams from the moulding process that would cause pain - or worse, injury - during play, which can't be said about many cheaper products on the market. Rest assured that when people say Aneros products are the gold standard, they're right. I feel confident in saying that the price is justified.

Like I said previously, I'd like to stay objective with this review, so I won't go into any details on my experience with it. If that's what you're looking for, there are tons of opinions that you can find in other reviews here, on the forum, or on r/prostateplay or r/aneros on Reddit. I hope this review has helped inform your purchasing decision.


Helix Trident