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The Aneros Company

Aneros' legacy as a leader in the sexual health and wellness field began in the 1990's, decades before the term sexual health and wellness came into popular use. Originating as High Island Health, the company patented and marketed the world's first self-powered, hands-free, prostate massager, for the treatment of the symptoms of prostatitis and BPH.  Within a few short years, it was unexpectedly revealed these devices were also powerful stimulators with tremendous potential for producing pleasure.  Within 5 years of HIH's inception a sister company, Aneros was founded, rebranding and marketing HIH devices as health and pleasure products.

The Aneros Company

In the years since, Aneros has created and released over a dozen prostate massager models maintaining the original design concept of a device that works in harmony with the user's muscle contractions, propelling the massager inward and upward, stimulating the perineum, anus, prostate and K-spot (an area under the tailbone) simultaneously! This has been achieved through a meticulous and time-intensive process, establishing the optimum relationship between weight, shape and balance for each model.

The results are products that are responsive to the most subtle anal contractions while delivering precise and focused stimulation. It's this capacity that has established Aneros' reputation as a powerful erotic amplifier for traditional, ejaculatory sexual encounters, magnifying the intensity of orgasm many-fold. Aneros massagers are best known however for their ability to trigger a second type of orgasm, a far more powerful, whole-body experience often referred to as a Super Orgasm. The Super O is an orgasm that radiates all over the body, may last minutes at time, and can be repeated consecutively with little or no pause in between. Aneros massager's responsiveness to the subtlest voluntary and involuntary contractions are the keys to this, opening up the kind of alternate sensory arousal pathway that was referenced millennia ago in the teachings of Tantra and the Tao.

Aneros' mission statement reflects of our continuing commitment to create products that feel good and are good for you. When used regularly Aneros massagers promote improved pelvic floor muscle tone and circulation. In one medical study our massagers were shown to be effective in treating the symptoms of prostatitis and BPH. In addition, our customers have anecdotally reported improvement of their symptoms of urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.