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Journey To The Super-O

Journey To The Super-O

The Super Orgasm is an intense, non-ejaculatory orgasm that begins in the pelvis and radiates throughout the entire body. More powerful than a traditional orgasm it can last minutes at a time and be repeated in rapid succession often without any pause in between. To understand how this is possible one must understand that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate phenomena. Ejaculation occurs as a result of orgasm, not the other way around. Why would you want to have an orgasm without ejaculation?  Because ejaculation causes biochemical changes in the body that results in the loss of arousal.  Once ejaculation is bypassed the doorway to becoming multi-orgasmic is opened.  While this is a new concept in Western culture, it was well documented millennia ago in the teachings of Tanta, Kama Sutra and the Tao as a powerful orgasmic and often spiritual experience that can be triggered by stimulation of the sensory nerves covering the prostate.

Journey jour.ney | ˈjərnē  |
-a process of personal change and development

The Super-O may be immediately accessible for some folks, but for others it will take time to fully realize. The process can range from weeks to months. Why? The simple answer is that cis males are preprogrammed for an ejaculatory orgasm at birth. It’s our default setting. This follows from a basic evolutionary imperative…survival of the species. Consequently, the traditional, ejaculatory orgasm is easy to come by, both literally and figuratively and for that reason it's the dominant expression of the final stage of the cis male sexual response. By contrast, the Super-O is the product of a secondary, often dormant arousal pathway for most cis males, so it generally requires some learning or new programming to achieve. Aneros devices provide a unique type of stimulation, specifically designed to activate this alternate pathway.  Performing like Tantric training wheels they work in harmony with your body providing stimulation of 4 erogenous zones (2 acupressure points) simultaneously.

Two roads diverged…and I took the road less traveled…and that has made all the difference
-Robert Frost

Decades ago, the user/ members who founded the Aneros Forum set out a series of suggestions to offer guidance to other individuals who were seeking to explore this alternate pathway and experience the Super-O for themselves. One such member, encouraged users to conceptualize such learning as a “journey”, a process a of self-discovery that led people to a new understanding of erotic stimulation, sensation, arousal and ultimately orgasm. In this view, every person’s journey was believed to be unique to the individual as was each step in the process.  Several basic principles emerged from the idea of the Super-O involving a journey.

Journey To the Super-O Principles

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