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Care and Cleaning

ANEROS® massagers are made of two types of materials, rigid (plastic stainless steel) and flexible (silicone).  The product type determines how these items are cared for and cleaned.


Rigid massagers may be used with all kinds of personal lubricants water, oil, or silicone based.  These models include:

Aneros Rigid Items

Flexible (silicone) massagers should only be used with water-based and plant oil-based lubricants.  Never use silicone or petroleum-based oil lubricants with a silicone massager.  Doing so will degrade the product's surface and void your warranty.  These models include: Aneros Silicone Items


Wash your Aneros product before and after use.  Store in a clean, dry environment.

All of our devices are non-porous and easy to clean.  Wash with a non-abrasive soap and hot water and allow to air dry.  As an option, a good quality adult toy cleaner my be used.  Never attempt to sanitize Aneros products in boiling water, this will result in deformation and void your warranty.  Do not use cleaners containing acetone or petroleum based solvents, as they will degrade the product's surface and void your warranty.

Special instructions for electronic models:

  • Avoid exposure to high heat or long periods in direct sunlight
  • Avoid long term immersion in water
  • Once fully charged, remove device from charger.  This helps to ensure a long battery life