• Unisex handsfree anal pleasure
  • Works in harmony with your body’s contractions
  • Ultra-small profile produces powerful orgasmic sensations
  • Highly responsive, amplifies any erotic encounter
  • Set of two delivers a variety of unique sensations
  • Excellent for advanced users exploring the Super O
  • Superb ice breaker for new and apprehensive users

A - Head Width: 18 mm
C - Insertable Length: 3.5 in
B - Head Width: 22mm
D - Insertable Length: 3.6 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
New experience

The peridise feels amazing is easy to use and I think after my experience will be a great add to my bedroom experience

Well worth 20 bucks

These little things differently get things kick started for me. The anal sensations feel so good like waves that overwhelm me with pleasure. My body starts getting heated up and I just try to maintain self control and ride the waves. The bigger one makes me have a HFWO every time I use it. Smaller is real good for training/maintain discipline . My wife had a toy similar to these when we were wild.

Great product.

Small but mighty. Still working towards my goal but working well for training. Definitely will keep using on regular basis.

Pleasurable Sensations on a Budget

I slipped it inside, waited a few minutes, and started feeling involuntary pleasurable contractions in my anus. It still blows my mind how something so small can create such powerful sensations. It felt like the Peridise was on the verge of slipping out the whole time, while it was actually securely inside my sphincter. That false sense of "slipping out" and my ass's clenching reaction was what generated the pleasure. Would highly recommend.

Peridise too small

I thought they would be longer. I get some pleasure but nothing like my,Eupho Sin, Helix Trident, Progasm Jr,Progasm Ice and my original Helix.

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