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Aneros A to Z

Over the past two decades, the Aneros user community has developed its own sub-language of words, terms and phrases to describe using our products.  We have a compiled a list of terminology with definitions and other commonly used terms for your reference.  You'll likely run across them as you browse the site, the Aneros Forum and Blogs.

acupressure point
In the context of the Aneros, these are areas in which erogenous nerves are near the surface of the skin where they are responsive to direct stimulation. One such potent acupressure point, also called the "sweet spot". Located in the lower part of the perineum it is stimulated by the Aneros’ P-tab. A second acupressure point between the anus and tailbone is stimulated by the K-tab. (Another erogenous acupressure point can be found 1/4 to 1/3 of the way up the penis from the scrotum.)

Aless (a.k.a. 'Aneros-less', 'A-less' or simply '-less')
A session where you have any type of prostate orgasm(s) without an Aneros massager inserted.

anal contraction
A voluntary or involuntary contraction of the anal sphincter. These are the contractions that drive the motion of the Aneros. Successful use of the Aneros generally starts with the use of voluntary anal contractions, which may to lead to involuntary contractions in the moments leading up to and during orgasm . All of these serve to increase stimulation of the perineum, prostate, anus and rectum.

anal orgasm
A non-ejaculatory orgasm centered in and around the muscles of the anus and rectum. This is analogous to a vaginal (as opposed to clitoral) orgasm in women.

anal play
A non-specific term that refers to any kind of anal stimulation for the purposes of sexual gratification. Such activity may take the form of masturbation, sexual foreplay with a partner or intercourse.

anal sphincter(s)
The muscle rings that form the boundaries of the anal canal. There are two sphincters, the outer and the inner. The outer is under voluntary control and generally associated with consciously controlled stimulation with the Aneros. The inner is not, it’s controlled by the autonomic nervous system (but can be trained to relax therapeutically with biofeedback). This is the muscle that primarily drives the motion of the Aneros in the moments directly leading up to and during orgasm.

anal vet (anal veteran)
A person who is well experienced in anal play.

A line of patented male sex toys that are anal sphincter driven and anatomically designed to massage and stimulate the prostate for sexual pleasure. The Aneros was originally developed as a device for prostate massage, intended as an alternative means to treat prostate problems such as prostatitis and BPH. Users of the device for health reasons noticed palpable sexual benefits as well.

Aneros session
The period of time spent self-stimulating with the Aneros ranging from 1 to 4 hours (or more in some cases) dedicated to exploring the non-ejaculatory pathway.

The external opening of the rectum.

An excited physical and mental state marked by physiological and emotional changes that normally occur in preparation for sexual activity. Physical changes may include; elevated heart rate and blood pressure, increased respiration, trembling, hot flashes and erections. Mental changes may include; strong sexual desire, giddiness, the persistence of erotic fantasies, etc.

arousal amplification
Techniques other than direct penis stimulation that increase physical arousal. They include touching of secondary erogenous zones (nipples, anus, thighs, etc.), focused, deep breathing (valley breathing), KSMO, sustained contractions of pelvic floor muscles, mental focus and visualization. When used skillfully they lead to a cycle of increased arousal culminating in non-ejaculatory orgasm.

A term describing the movement of the Aneros as a result of continuous involuntary (tetanic) anal contractions, simulating the distinct and very pleasurable sensation of receptive sexual intercourse, sometimes to the point of non-ejaculatory orgasm.

awakening the prostate (prostate awakening)
The process of making the prostate more accustomed and responsive to physical stimulation and arousal.

bearing down
A contraction of the muscles of the abdomen and diaphragm, that results in a "downward" (outward) force on the pelvic floor and rectum. As it relates specifically to the Aneros, bearing down can be combined with anal contractions to control the movement of the device and increase arousal. Bearing down is most commonly observed as one is "pushing" to eliminate a stool or when one is trying to increase the speed of a urine stream. Bearing down is often thought of as being the "opposite" of anal sphincter, PC or Kegel contractions as it pushes outward as opposed to closing off and drawing inward. (Also see rectal contraction)

An acronym for benign prostatic hyperplasia. A non-cancerous enlarging of the prostate common in middle aged and older men, often causing urinary symptoms. BPH is one of the prostate ailments that the Aneros was originally developed to help treat. See High Island Health.

butt buzz
Persistent energy in and around the anus, rectum, prostate, perineum, scrotum and testicles. Sometimes experienced spontaneously apart from an Aneros session. Often perceived as faint to mild muscle spasms.

butt flutters
Spastic involuntary contractions of the anal sphincter that are typically intermittent, fast and shallow. Such contractions may be accompanied by gentle P-waves.

calm seas of orgasm
A metaphor to describe an ongoing state of gentle, non-ejaculatory orgasms. Such orgasms avoid the usual muscular tension typically involved in high intensity arousal. Rather than vocalizing, thrusting, contracting or convulsing towards these orgasms, one keeps all muscles relaxed, letting pleasure flow freely as if breathing it in, allowing the orgasms to flow to oneself.

chain reaction orgasms
Non-ejaculatory orgasms coming successively, often without pause for up to a half an hour or more.

chairgasm (chair + orgasm)
A non-ejaculatory orgasm induced without the Aneros as occurs while seated in a desk chair. Chair orgasms are a sometimes-unexpected phenomenon observed by Aneros users who have recently become multi-orgasmic. They may be produced by deep breathing, vocalizing and/or mentally focusing on growing P-waves.

clean out
To cleanse or rinse out the rectum with a simple enema in preparation for an Aneros session.

condom method
Lubricating and sheathing the Aneros in a condom prior to insertion. Some users believe this method enhances mobility of the Aneros inside the anus and rectum, limits the migration of the lubricant and provides for a quicker cleanup after use.

Ongoing involuntary, semi-rhythmic, large muscle group contractions that have been experienced by some Aneros users. These may be localized or in some cases involve much of the body. Even though they occur as a result of ongoing arousal, they may or may not produce pleasure and are also known to accompany particularly intense orgasms. Individuals with a history or predisposition to having seizures may want to consult with their doctor prior to using the Aneros.

The muscle covering the testes that controls the raising and lowering of the scrotum. It works involuntarily in response to temperature (contracting when cold to bring the testicles closer to the body or relaxing when warm). During ejaculation the cremaster constricts, drawing the testicles close to the body.

cremaster exercises
Also called "testicle elevations." Exercises in which the cremaster muscle is brought under voluntary control and strengthened. Because the drawing up of the testicles is a prelude to ejaculatory orgasm, voluntarily doing so may induce a noticeable sense of arousal in and around the testicles. To perform these exercises, one must start by identifying the muscles. Place your finger and thumb gently around your scrotum above the testicles. Then try to draw up the testicles. Your fingers should detect a very slight movement. At first you will involve your abdominal muscles but with practice you can isolate the cremaster itself, and considerably increase your ability to voluntarily draw in your testicles.

The process and transition to experiencing prostate centered orgasms (Super O’s). When one has a Super-O, they are said to have crossed-over, from the traditional penile-centered, ejaculatory pathway to the alternate, non-ejaculatory pathway. This in turn may lead to an individual becoming multi-orgasmic.

deep breathing
Breathing slowly and deeply from the abdomen. Deep breathing encourages a state of deep physical relaxation and allows one to concentrate on the sensuous feelings the body can produce. It also facilitates the building of arousal, whereas shallow breathing and holding one’s breath can frustrate arousal. To learn deep breathing, lie down in loose garments with one hand on your chest and one on your belly button. As you inhale, draw air in by making your abdomen expand (expanding your diaphragm) and exhale by letting it recede. Your chest hand should stay relatively stable while your belly hand should rise and fall with your breath. Also see valley breathing.

do nothing technique
A concept that dispenses with active, conscious control during an Aneros session with regard to contractions, breathing, relaxing, or anything else, in favor of a more passive state of mind. This unstructured approach often encourages stimulation, sensation and arousal to occur more organically by letting the Aneros to do its own thing.

dud session
An Aneros session which doesn't produce the desired level of sexual satisfaction.

The practice of stimulating the penis to and maintaining it at the brink of ejaculation for a protracted time, with the goal of making the eventual orgasm more powerful. Doing this solo is considered good training for ejaculation control during intercourse. With respect to the hands-free orgasm, it’s described by Tao master Mantak Chia as the method for achieving the Taoist version of a prostate orgasm called “injaculation”. This involves masturbating right up to the point of no return (just prior to ejaculation) then quickly changing to an acupressure technique, using pressure against the perineum. Doing this correctly stops ejaculation while stimulating the prostate (externally) transitioning to a prostate orgasm.

A small amount of water introduced into the rectum by means of a bulb syringe or gravity bag with the purpose of rinsing the rectum prior to an Aneros session. (An optional preparatory step). Since the object of this cleansing is to clean the rectum (not the bowel) it’s essential that only a small amount (4-6ozs) of liquid be used.., just enough to loosen and transport any fecal matter that may be present. To avoid cramping, using water as close to body temperature as possible is strongly advised.

"ESO: Extended Sexual Orgasm"©
The name of a book by Brauer and Brauer that was among the first to popularize scientifically based sexual techniques that significantly enhance arousal and orgasm.

erogenous zone
An area of the body that is particularly sensitive to sexual stimulation.

floor tone
The tone of the muscles of your pelvic floor muscles. (See PC muscles).

full body orgasm (whole body orgasm)
An orgasm that includes pleasure and muscular contraction throughout the body.

A reference to sensations that occur all over the body.

Chemically, a sugar alcohol and the active ingredient in many water-based personal lubricants. Glycerin is water-soluble and has a high degree of lubricity, yet it has been known to cause a purgative effect (producing the urge to move the bowels) with some individuals. Glycerin is also an ingredient in suppository laxatives.

hands-free orgasm
An ejaculatory orgasm that does not involve any direct or indirect stimulation of the penis, either from purposeful stroking, or incidental rubbing of bedding etc. An ejaculation that is produced by anal, rectal, nipple, prostate stimulation (as in the Aneros) and mental focus alone. Some skilled Aneros users have presented a method involving a scrotal stretch and while not a true hands free orgasm it achieves the end with relatively limited stimulation.

High Island Health™
The company that manufactures and distributes the Aneros. High Island Health has their own website, where several of the same massagers are sold for therapeutic purposes (to promote circulation and relieve congestion in the prostate).

internal lube (pre-lubrication)
Lubrication applied into the rectum in advance of inserting the Aneros. A typical quantity is 4-6 cc(ml) applied with a lube syringe (sold as a lubrication applicator / “lube shooter”) or Marksman™ pre-filled disposable applicators available on the Aneros site. (Caution: avoid the use of oil and silicone based lube in a syringe applicator as it will degrade the plunger gasket, resulting in it becoming stuck).

involuntary contraction
The contraction of a muscle or muscle group that occurs without voluntary control. Involuntary muscular contraction is an integral part of various vital processes in the human body. In a sexual context, it takes place in the form of ejaculation or orgasm, and also as spasms, jerks, twitches, shaking, quivering, fluttering, etc. The Aneros design takes advantage of the natural ability of the anal sphincter and other pelvic floor muscles to involuntarily contract in response to particular forms of sexual excitement. These (and other pelvic) contractions cause the Aneros to pivot forward and back, amplifying stimulation by providing simultaneous engagement of the prostate, anus and perineal acupressure spot.

An abbreviated form of involuntary contraction that specifically relates to the twitching of the anus as a result of arousal and/or muscle fatigue.

isolation exercises
Pelvic floor muscle exercises that attempt to work particular subgroups of the pelvic floor independently from the others. The goal is to gain fine control over the interaction of those muscles in the context of involuntary contractions, in order to amplify pleasure. Examples include Kegels (PC), rectal, anal sphincter, and cremaster.

(the) journey
A metaphor that describes the process of exploration and discovery that one undergoes as they travel from the realm of the traditional (ejaculatory) experience to the alternate or non-ejaculatory pathway. Crossing-over (becoming multi-orgasmic) is not an end to this journey, but a new beginning in a world of evolving sensual pleasures. As there are many paths to the Super-O, each journey is unique to the individual. All users are encouraged to turn away from the model of instant gratification and come to see all of their sessions within the larger context of this journey, a process of growth, understanding and achievement over time.

Kegel exercise
Exercises first described by and named after Dr. Arnold Kegel in order to tone the PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, a subset in the anterior of the pelvic floor muscles. To identify the anterior PC muscle, start by making a contraction, as you would normally do to stop the flow of urine. It can also be demonstrated with an erection, by making the erection bob up and down. Be aware, if you make a strong or sudden contraction you will likely get an anal contraction at the same time. This is because the PC muscle begins around the anus and runs up to the urinary sphincter. Strong contractions will improve anal and PC muscle tone. However, slower, gentler contractions will produce a more isolated action of the anterior PC muscles, that when properly engaged can provide for a very subtle movement of the Aneros inside the rectum. A program of Kegel exercises can significantly improve many facets of male sexual response, including: strength of erection, number and intensity of ejaculatory contractions, ejaculatory force, sensations of arousal and pleasure, as well as intensity and control of the Aneros action. The anterior PC muscles are specifically involved in ejaculatory and prostate orgasms.

Is a shortened acronym for "The Key Sound Multiple Orgasm Trigger Protocol"™, a specific method of using vocalization to drive arousal amplification leading to multiple hands-free non-ejaculatory orgasms, in both men and women. Also see KSMO and for further information. KSMO has been used in combination with Aneros devices to produce stronger non-ejaculatory orgasms.

K-tab or "Kundalini" tab
Extends posterior to the anus and rests below the tailbone between the buttocks, stimulating an acupressure spot (Kundalini spot) there. Named after the yoga concept that there is a serpent of power located at the base of the body's trunk.

The emissions from the Cowper's gland (precum) and prostate gland (semen/prostatic fluid) due to massage or contractions.

male deer exercise (extended)
Massage techniques of Taoist origins that are used to generate a state of orgasmic bliss. The original exercise was conceived for the purposes of maintaining male sexual health and vitality. It involves placing the palm of the hand on the scrotum and pushing gently down, while the thumb exerts pressure on the base of the penis and pubic bone, on the topside of the penis. The other hand performs a slow circular massage of the region between the pubic hair and navel. The extended variation has the circular massage extend up the body, to the sternum or further, then returning and swapping hands for the next cycle. It continues for as long as it takes to get into an orgasmic state. This is an unexpectedly powerful way to get into a state of bliss. (Can be done with or without the Aneros)

male G-spot
A popular term for the prostate and is homologous to the G-spot (paraurethral glands) in women. An area that when properly stimulated causes an intense sexual response often leading to a distinct kind of orgasm.

mental arousal (visualization)
The component of arousal that involves emotional reactions such as lust to the presence or anticipation of real, portrayed or imagined sexual situations. Mental arousal is an important but often times overlooked complement to the physical arousal provided by the Aneros. Intense mental arousal can drive intense physical arousal (and vice versa).

mental focus
In the context of the Aneros this involves the process of amplification of sensation through concentration and attentiveness. With attentiveness one becomes aware of subtle previously hidden sensations and with concentration such sensations may be amplified.

Are progress indicators in one’s journey with the Aneros. It is important to note that each journey is a unique and personal experience. All of the milestones may not apply to everyone. Every man’s pace with this is different. See milestones section of the Aneros WIKI.

mind noise
Distracting thoughts of any nature which the draw focus of attention away from enjoying the pleasures of Aneros usage.

A less intense non-ejaculatory orgasm, typically experienced in the early stages of developing non-ejaculatory orgasm skills. They are often focused in the pelvic area and involve a mild but distinct orgasmic contraction and sense of climax.

MMO (Male Multiple Orgasm)
Repeated non-ejaculatory male orgasms that are made possible by the absence of a refractory period These may occur with little or no pause in-between and in some instance be on top of one another.

A man or woman who can have multiple, non-ejaculatory orgasms in succession without a refractory period in between.

In the context of the Aneros, one who is a recent Aneros user or one who is new to anal play in general.

nipple orgasm
An orgasm localized to the nipple and surrounding muscles as a result of directed nipple stimulation. Nipple orgasms have a uniquely wonderful feeling. This is an advanced form of a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

nipple stimulation
Stroking the nipple(s) with finger, tongue or vibrating devices. In the context of the Aneros, nipple stimulation can be very useful. For some men it is one of the most powerful ways of actively building arousal that does not involve penile stimulation. Users have reported a wonderful tickling sensation that can be felt on the nipple and the surrounding areas of the chest that often extends down deep into the pelvis and into the prostate. Other users have described it differently, as bringing pleasure up from the pelvis and into the chest, taking the mental focus off of the pelvis, essentially allowing the Aneros to react more freely and naturally to the body’s involuntary responses. Both of these phenomena are consistent with current fMRI studies that shows nipple stimulation activating and overlapping with regions in the genital sensory cortex of the brain associated with penile and testicular stimulation. Nipple stimulation may include the nipple itself, the areola or the surrounding skin. Because the nipples can become easily over-stimulated and desensitized, it is best to vary stroke, intensity and location over time or as soon as sensation begins to fade. Men who are particularly responsive to nipple stimulation have reported that it can facilitate pelvic, whole-body and even more localized, nipple orgasms in some cases.

nipple training
A program of stimulation intended to awaken the nipples as an erogenous zone. Nipple sensitivity varies widely among men. Through regular stimulation however, even men with previously unresponsive nipples can find these areas becoming wonderfully responsive to touch. The process involves gradually introducing stimulation over a period of days and weeks. Very often other forms of stimulation (penile, anal, prostate) are combined/paired with nipple stimulation. Doing so has the benefit of allowing the body to make a neural connection with these other pleasure centers. In time, nipple play alone will produce sensation locally and very often in these other areas as well.

non-ejaculatory orgasm
A male (or female) orgasm in which there is no ejaculation. Although it is commonly assumed that ejaculation and orgasm are one in the same, they are in fact two distinct physiological events. When a man learns to have orgasm without ejaculation, he is able to effectively bypass the refractory period (total loss of arousal) that generally follows ejaculation and limits his sexual performance. Many men have reported different types of non-ejaculatory orgasms (prostate, anal and full-body orgasms). These categories are often thought of as describing the source or main focus of the experiences but are not mutual exclusive of one another.

A sexual lubricant made from or formulated with oil. Oil based lubricants are non-water soluble and are derived from different sources: vegetables, plants, nuts, petroleum distillates (jelly, mineral oil), and/or waxes. Oil-based lubes have the ability to degrade and dissolve rubber, silicones and some plastics. Consequently, they should never be used with condoms or adult toys made of silicone or certain types of plastic. Rigid Aneros models are composed of a plastic material called acetal that can be used safely with oil-based preparations. The Syn and VICE product lines contain silicone and cannot be used with oil-based lubes . These products are particularly well suited for use on exterior parts of the body because, unlike most water-based lubes, they do not dry out and become sticky upon exposure to air. Some men favor oil-based lubes for internal use as well, while others have speculated about the regular use of the petroleum distillates producing a laxative effect.

Slang for "orgasm zone", i.e., being in the state of continuous orgasms.

PC muscle
The pubococcygeus muscle, one of a number of muscles in the pelvic floor. It is a hammock-like muscle, found in both sexes, that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx (tail bone) forming the floor of the pelvic cavity and supporting the pelvic organs. The PC muscle is largely involved in sexual response and contracting during orgasm. It is believed that strengthening leads to longer, more powerful orgasms.

The term used for a sexual practice in which a woman penetrates a man anally with a strap-on dildo.

pelvic floor muscles
The set of muscles that span the area beneath the pelvis, supporting the pelvic organs.

pelvic motion
Rhythmic motion of the pelvis (undulation), either voluntary or involuntary that helps drive the motion of the Aneros.

penis stimulation (penile stimulation)
Direct or indirect contact with the penis for the purpose of sexual arousal. Some examples are stroking (manipulation by hand or contact with inanimate objects), pulling or tugging of the foreskin or scrotum, oral contact and copulation. In the context of the Aneros, penile stimulation is often counter-productive, particularly for the newbie and those who have had no previous experience with non-ejaculatory orgasms. For such individuals, penile stimulation will generally overwhelm the subtle pleasures produced in the perineum, anus, rectum and prostate and lead toward ejaculation and away from the non-ejaculatory orgasm.

penis trigger
An acupressure spot on the penis that significantly augments pelvic pleasure, possibly leading to non-ejaculatory orgasm. The trigger spot is located on the underside of the penis, one to two inches up from the scrotum. It is likely on the center ridge or just off-center. To find it, wait until you are aroused (not necessarily erect), and press gently in that region. The trigger spot will cause a subtle tingling from the head of the penis, through the shaft, testicles and anus, up into the rectum (similar to the "sweet spot"). To stimulate the penis trigger press very gently on it. Do not stroke or otherwise engage in standard penile stimulation.

A PC sphincter muscle driven device which induces involuntary, peristaltic contractions of the anal canal for use by men and women.

The area between the scrotum and anus, sometimes known as the “taint”. The perineum provides external access to the prostate and a pudendal nerve acupressure spot.

perineal acupressure spot
The "sweet spot", pudendal nerve acupressure spot. The spot is stimulated by the P-tab on the Aneros. Gentle to moderate pressure to this area stimulates the pudendal nerve and prostate (underlies it), producing a significant level of arousal in many men. Some men are capable of having Super O’s from stimulation of this area alone.

A series of wave-like, involuntary muscle contractions passing along the walls of a hollow muscular structure (as the esophagus, intestines or rectum) and forcing the contents onward.

physical arousal
Sexual arousal induced by physical stimulation or expressed by physical changes such as an erect penis, erect nipples, swollen prostate, pre-cum secretions, salivation, heart rate increase, shortening of breath, vocalization and muscular contractions.

pleasure wave (P-wave)
A feeling of sexual excitement and pleasure that normally originates in the lower abdominal and/or pelvic regions. P-waves may be localized or spread out all over the body. Some have suggested the sensation feels like butterflies in the stomach (but lower in the abdomen) akin to the feeling of sexual electricity associated with one’s first touch from the first encounter with a lover. As the body becomes more sensitized with arousal amplification, pleasure waves become more common and can be produced by the Aneros or by other arousal amplification techniques. P-waves may be very subtle or intense.

Positive feedback loop
A biological mechanism that describes the amplification of a body's response to a stimulus. In the case of the multi-orgasmic pathway, this is depicted as: Stimulation > Sensation > Arousal > Orgasm > Stimulation > Sensation > Arousal > Orgasm > etc. Aneros devices are highly sensitive to voluntary and involuntary movement, providing stimulation of 4 erogenous zone simultaneously. This stimulation feeds into the loop as described above which in turn leads to involuntary responses of the body that feed back into the loop creating more and more arousal culminating in an orgasm. Following that, more stimulation can build additional orgasms of even greater intensity and frequency.

A clear, colorless, semi-viscous fluid secreted by the Cowper's and Littre Glands in response to sexual arousal in males. Men have wide variability in the amount of pre-cum they produce as a result of various stimuli. Aneros use often leads to pre-cum secretions that are of significantly higher volume than in traditional sexual encounters.

pre-ejaculatory orgasm
A non-ejaculatory orgasm that occurs in anticipation of an ejaculatory orgasm, such as in anticipation of or during sexual intercourse.

The application of lubrication directly into the rectum prior to inserting the Aneros (see internal lubrication). As so much lubrication is "squeezed off" off of the Aneros in its passage through the anal canal, prelubrication is highly recommended in order to optimize the Aneros’ mobility and responsiveness essentially creating a small reservoir of lubrication inside the rectum.

A third generation Aneros model, the largest in the product line and the first to introduce a K-tab (now a standard in all Aneros prostate massagers) in place of the handle. The name Progasm is a portmanteau of prostate - orgasm.

prostate (Male G-spot / P-spot)
The prostate is a walnut-sized gland that surrounds the urethra and is located just below the bladder. Its main purpose is the secretion of a milky fluid that makes up 30% of an ejaculation, by volume. It is comprised of several regions or lobes. Only the posterior lobe of prostate is accessible to direct contact and only then through the tissue that lines the wall of the rectum. The prostate is served by a plexus (bundle) of nerves that control everything from the sphincter that regulates the flow of urine to male sexual arousal (erection, ejaculation, orgasm (ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory)).

prostate massage
Massage of the prostate by way of the anus and rectum, or the perineum, either for therapeutic or sexual purposes. Prostate massage was the primary form of treatment for prostatitis prior to the advent of antibiotics. In Eastern traditions it has a history that dates back thousands of years as a means of promoting male vitality and virility and as a method for achieving transcendent orgasms. The Aneros was originally developed for therapeutic purposes as a way to allow men to self-administer prostate massage safely and conveniently. The sexual application of the Aneros became clear as a side effect when some of the early users reported experiencing powerful orgasms while in the process of massaging their prostates with the device.

prostate orgasm (progasm)
A non-ejaculatory orgasm focused in and around the prostate. These may be among the most intense non-ejaculatory orgasms. In a certain sense every orgasm is a prostate orgasm on account of the fact that so many sensory nerves are associated with the prostate (either directly or indirectly) and that these same nerves are the ones responsible for male sexual arousal. The term prostate orgasm relates to the physical sensation of an orgasm being centered in the prostate. But while it may begin there, these orgasms typically branch out and can even turn into a whole-body experience.

Inflammation of the prostate. Although there are many suspected causes, (bacterial infection, auto-immune response and neuromuscular tension), prostatitis remains an intractable disease which is often times unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment. Before the advent of antibiotics prostate massage was considered the gold standard of treatment. In recent years with many people turning to holistic and homeopathic forms of medicine, prostate massage has been enjoying a resurgence as an alternative treatment modality.

Prostate specific antigen. A chemical produced in the prostate and measured in the blood as an indication of cellular activity in the prostate. Abnormally high levels of PSA may indicate health concerns such as inflammation or cancer. The PSA measurement may be elevated by ejaculation, and any form of anal play, including the Aneros. Ask your doctor for a recommended period of abstention prior to taking this test (the Aneros manufacturer suggests a few days to a week).

Also known as the "sweet spot" or perineal acupressure spot.

Psychogenic orgasm (PO)
An ejaculatory or non-ejaculatory orgasm produced by thoughts/imagery/mental focus alone with no physical contact.

P-tab Perineum tab/abutment tab
The tip of the abutment arm of the Aneros that presses on and stimulates the perineal acupressure spot. The P-tab functions as a fulcrum, the spot upon which the Aneros pivots, allowing the body and head of the unit to drive forward into the anus and rectum. The stimulation produced by the P-tab is an essential component to the arousal amplification produced by the Aneros. The P-tab along with the K-tab, stem and head of the Aneros provide stimulation that generate a positive feedback loop that is engaged whenever the Aneros is in use, where sensations are passed back and forth between the perineal acupressure spot, Kundalini spot, anus and prostate.

pudendal nerve
A nerve in the pelvic region that innervates the external genitalia of both sexes, as well as sphincters for the bladder and the rectum. The pudendal nerve is stimulated directly by the Aneros P-tab.

An abbreviation for pleasure wave.

rectal contraction/bearing down
A contraction of the pelvic floor muscles that controls movement of the rectum. Also one of several muscle contractions that can control movement of the Aneros. Rectal contractions result in a shortening of the rectum and are commonly thought of as being opposite (outward movement) to that of anal contractions (squeezing inward). Rectal contractions facilitate the opening of the anus during defecation. Some users have reported interesting sensations occurring as a result of the simultaneous use of anal and rectal contractions. Rectal contraction may be generated voluntarily and may also occur involuntarily during ejaculatory and non-ejaculatory orgasms. Some users have discussed losing the Aneros during an orgasm when it is involuntarily thrust out of the rectum and anus as a result of this kind of contraction.

The final length of the large intestine (colon). The rectal reflex indicates to us our need to move our bowels. The rectum is self-cleaning and is generally empty. (Enemas may increase one's level of confidence in cleanliness.) The anterior wall of the rectum offers the most direct access to the posterior portion of the prostate.

refractory period
A part of the resolution phase (recovery period) that immediately follows an ejaculation during which there is a total loss of arousal such that no further orgasm or erection is possible. This period varies from one individual to the next and may last from several minutes to hours. Non-ejaculatory orgasms have no refractory period.

A term describing the distinctive changes that one's body undergoes as one crosses-over to the non-ejaculatory multi-orgasmic pathway. These changes involve learning on a sensory neural level as well as mediation by the CNS (brain and spinal cord). They include: (1) becoming permanently responsive to non-penile forms of stimulation, as associated with the prostate, perineum, nipples, anus and rectum; (2) a subtle and vivid sense of tingling well-being in the pelvic region, noticeable when in sexual and non-sexual situations; (3) an overall increase in sexual sensitivity: (4) overall improvement in sexual performance, including ejaculatory control and erectile function, (5) increased skill at arousal amplification techniques such as the Aneros, KSMO, E-Stim, and secondary erogenous zone stimulation, so that spontaneous pleasure and non-ejaculatory orgasm become increasingly easy to achieve.

scrotal stretch
Manually or otherwise stretching the scrotum from the body. In Aneros use, executing a scrotal stretch by trapping the testicles behind the thighs (with legs bent to the chest) and then straightening the legs has been known to lead to a form of hands-free ejaculation. A variation on this technique traps the penis as well behind the thigh. The scrotal stretch induced ejaculation is something of a paradox. In traditional advanced sexual practices scrotal stretches are used to suppress an imminent ejaculation (as ejaculations ordinarily require the testicles to be tightly drawn to the body by the cremaster reflex).

The period of time that one dedicates to exploring non-ejaculatory arousal with the Aneros. Most commonly, sessions last an hour or more. Some users have reported sessions of 4 to 8 hours in length. The duration of a session is ultimately determined by one’s patience, level of enjoyment and stamina.

soft palate nursing
A simple yet unexpectedly powerful arousal amplifier achieved by placing the back of the tongue on the roof of the mouth and sucking with a nursing action.

stuck on ON orgasm
A name given to a state of continuous or consecutive orgasms with peaks occurring close together.

An abbreviation of Super orgasm. A term originally coined in the Aneros forum as related to Aneros use, it has since gained more widespread acceptance in the sexual health and wellness community to describe any overwhelmingly strong non-ejaculatory orgasmic event. Unlike a traditional (ejaculatory) orgasm, Super Orgasms originate deep in the pelvis and often spread out to encompass the whole body. Far longer in duration than traditional orgasms, they also have no refractory period which allows them to be repeated multiple times. Also see the Super-O page in the WIKI for further information.

An abbreviation of “super traditional” orgasm. An ejaculatory orgasm generated from traditional penile stimulation (intercourse, masturbation/edging or oral) amplified with Aneros use. It is characterized by deep and intense ejaculatory contractions; more ejaculatory contractions; a greater volume of ejaculate; and other responses similar to those in a Super-O. Such orgasms are commonly the end point to a Super-O session when one "finishes off" with an ejaculation.

sweet spot (P-spot, perineal acupressure spot)
The acupressure point centered in the perineum that is stimulated by the Aneros P-tab. Proper contact with the sweet spot is a very important component of successful Aneros use. Also see "sweet spot" for further information.

testicle orgasm
An orgasm focused on the testicles. This has been reported to result from exercising the cremaster muscles and applying to them the same light contractions that are used in the anal sphincter to drive the Aneros.

The process of the body learning to control and respond to the Aneros through practice. This may be a short or protracted period. With increasing muscle tone and responsiveness, one is able to have greater control over the Aneros, and with that, increased sensitivity to this kind of stimulation. For instance, it is not uncommon for the sensations produced by the Aneros to evolve (through training) over time; such that what was once uncomfortable becomes highly pleasurable.

traditional orgasm
An ejaculatory orgasm.

valley breathing
A deep, focused breathing so as to feel an expansion of the lower abdomen and the pelvic floor muscles. This kind of breathing can significantly amplify arousal.

A form of arousal that entails the use of mental imagery for an erotic explanation of the Aneros’ stimulation. Typically these are fantasies that involve some kind of internal stimulation or penetration such as a white glowing light, a partner's finger, the tip of the Aneros, your own (eleventh) finger, a penis, or a strap-on dildo. The use of visualization can often generate voluntary and involuntary responses that would be difficult to coordinate by means of conscious control alone.

voluntary contraction
A contraction of a muscle or muscle group as a result of conscious effort.

See "rewired."