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Helix Syn V

Sale price$99.95

  • Powerful vibrating version of our most popular model
  • More focused stimulation with superior responsiveness
  • 8 specially tuned vibrations patterns with 3 speed selections
  • Superb performance in powered and unpowered modes
  • Ultra-compact handsfree prostate pleasure
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously
  • Excellent for users of all levels
  • Unprecedented two time AVN "O" Awards winner for Outstanding Anal Product
Helix Syn V Main Product Image
Helix Syn V Sale price$99.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 103 reviews
The De Facto Standard, No Equal, No Further Searching Needed.

I began my foray into prostate stimulation around 15 years ago. I started with the Aneros Helix back then, and after an initial learning curve, my results were off the charts. That toy unlocked a realm of pleasure I never knew was possible, and since unlocking that door, I continued to search for the “next level.” This included adding much of the Aneros catalog to my collection over the years, and all have performed amazing feats, or provided unique experiences, but I still kept looking for new toys and new twists. As a result, I have explored nearly every prostate massager that has come along from other vendors, vibrating and non-vibrating, and they were all plagued with problems. Too intense, too big, won’t stay in place, uncomfortable, over gimmicked, etc., in short, outside of Aneros products they were all pretty much duds. Money wasted. They all suffered from big promises, but delivered less than stellar results. Then one day the Helix Syn V appeared. The ultimate evolution and refinement of a tried-and-true product. To me it seemed perfect in every way. I purchased one immediately. When I got it, it was everything I had been chasing over all those years of searching for the ultimate prostate toy. Proven design, check, comfortable, check, stays put, check, vibrates just the right amount, check, or if you’re not in the mood for vibrations, it’s just as useful off. It is the perfect toy for any experience level. If you’re still learning the subtleties of prostate massage, don’t turn on the vibration. Mastered the non-vibrating toy? Turn on the subtle vibrations, and be reduced to a puddle where you lay. More than once I have looked at my collection of toys, and seriously considered throwing out all non-Aneros products, because this one is “IT” with a capital I-T. You cannot go wrong with this toy. It is literal perfection. No matter where you are on your journey, this is the one toy you absolutely NEED in your collection. Beginner and expert alike will reap all the benefits of this device. I have surveyed the competition and there is none that compares to this little wonder. It might be the only prostate toy you’ll ever need. I even purchased a backup, should something happen to my original. It’s that good, I can’t wait to see what Aneros comes up with next.


More precise than the lush and an easy first toy starter


I'm amazed at how fast the delivery was, Aneros is a great company with excellent products.


Just the right size and extra vibrations.


Helix Syn V