Progasm Classic

  • Large, angled head for more focused prostate stimulation
  • Large midsection for more filling sensations
  • Specially balanced for excellent responsiveness
  • Rigid construction for stronger stimulation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zone simultaneously
  • Excellent for intermediate and advanced users

A - Head Width: 1.28 in
B - Head Depth: 1.15 in
C - Mid Ridge Width: 1.13 in
D - Mid Ridge Depth: 1.25 in
E - Stem to Perineum: 1.5 in
F - Insertable Length: 4.0 in

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Progasm Classic

The Progasm Is Pro-fection!

I have been an Aneros user since 2008. Out of all the models I have purchased, the Progasm is the one I use the most. Not only has it given me the most consistent of sensations, but the product's size and snug fit work superior to other models.

While I personally have not received much pleasure from the additional tab, the tab itself works well in making sure the Progasm is balanced when sucked in during sessions. This is a feature I am glad the Aneros team has added to their products.

Even though the size may look scary to some users, it seems as though the Progasm sits right on the sweet spot, providing just enough movement to get your Aneros sessions on the right track!

I would recommend this model to both beginners and experts of the Aneros line of products. While previous experience with anal play is beneficial with the Progasm, needing full control of your contractions is unnecessary, unlike other models.

I look forward to one day trying the Vice, which I believe to be the step up from the Progasm.


I give the Aneros Prograsm 2 starts for its lackluster performance. It is large and is rather difficult to insert. It certainly has some girth for a filling experience but I get absolutely no movement from the Progasm. I also find that the Progasm has difficulty staying inserted. Of all of the Aneros models I own, the Progasm is my least favorite.

Aneros Forum Review

The Progasm is my favorite Aneros model. It has taken me to heights of pleasure I never imagined. Coupled with the freedom to stimulate my nipples and other erogenous zones while using it, I have almost passed out from the intense whole-body sexual pleasure it affords. I value my alone time for many reasons, but my Aneros time is my top priority. I use it exclusively with Aneros Sessions lube as it makes insertion so much easier than any other lube Ive tried. Being the only one in the house is important as I scream, moan, pant, and have even growled and cried from the pleasure that was wracking my entire body. It makes my toes curl and flex, I tremble, shake, and leak puddles of precum as I ride wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure. I own a Eupho and an MGX, but I always recommend The Progasm. I have turned several of my buddies on to it, and they are most pleased. It makes me happy to be a man.

Aneros Forum Review

My first and only toy so far is the Progasm. However, it hasn't earned its spot at the top based on the fact that it is the lone competitor; it worked for it! My very first time using it resulted in an orgasm like no other. I was a bit skeptical, yet hopeful, but the Progasm made me laugh out loud with pleasure. The continued progress has been slow, yet steady. I love this piece of machinery...

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