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Progasm Classic

Sale price$59.95

  • Large, angled head for more focused prostate stimulation
  • Large midsection for more filling sensations
  • Specially balanced for excellent responsiveness
  • Rigid construction for stronger stimulation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zone simultaneously
  • Excellent for intermediate and advanced users
Progasm Classic Main Product Image
Progasm Classic Sale price$59.95

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
It's great

I wuv when it tickles my spot and I leak cummies <3

Nice feel

Keeps me aware of my body

Not Subtle

I started with the Helix Trident Syn, which so far has emphasized subtle sensations and delicate muscle control. It feels great, and the exercises have given me lots of benefit during sexual intercourse. Orgasms feel really nice with it too. But I wondered if it reaches my prostate as well as it should, so I looked at the dimensions of all the models and chose the Prograsm because it's a half-inch longer than the other. I'm 6'-2" tall, and it's hard to believe one size fits all. Being a bit taller than average it seemed reasonable that my prostate massager should be a little taller too. At the time I ordered the Prograsm the extra thickness didn't seem like it would be a big deal because my bowel movements are bigger. But I can tell you that reasoning is not correct. I can feel it reaches deeper, but it's not in the same class of delicate sensations as the Helix Trident Syn. The Prograsm has much more taper to the shaft, so sphincter contractions create deeper movements and more pressure against my perineum where the front peg presses against it (I don't remember the given nomenclature for these little ball-ended pegs). It's certainly not a negative experience, though it will take me a while to figure out the Prograsm. Whereas I put the Helix Trident in every evening for a long time after I first got it, I use the Prograsm much more sparingly, at least for now. When I've mastered it maybe that will change. I might change my rating in the future to five stars -- we'll see. I would suggest the more aggressive movements and pressures of the Prograsm might make it a good alternate in a rotation that includes another Aneros model. The tendency for it to feel aggressive (and maybe feel like it's too much) is perhaps a good impetus for learning gentler muscle contractions. But be forewarned: when you have this thing in your butt you will definitely not forget it's there.

better mousetrap

What a greatly improved bulb. The flexible, no-back-flow nozzle means no air gets into the bulb. The slow release helps retention. The design makes for a good grip and nice look. I’ve been using mine a lot just to enjoy it!

Ok but not great

Nice full feeling, but my maximus trident gives a much better prostate massage.