Eupho Trident

  • Slimmest model with precisely focused stimulation
  • Specially balanced for supreme responsiveness
  • Rigid construction for stronger stimulation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously
  • Excellent for experienced solo users
  • XBIZ Awards 2019 Winner - Best Sex Toy (Non-Powered)

The Aneros Eupho is our most versatile prostate massager style. The Eupho Trident and Eupho Syn Trident are both excellent choices for both beginners and advanced Aneros users, but for different reasons.

The Eupho style's unintimidating slim profile makes it appealing for those new to Aneros prostate massagers and anal play.

That slim profile also allows it to move freely during sexual intercourse for longer, stronger orgasms. No matter what your experience level is, this characteristic makes partnered sessions more enjoyable.

The more experience you gain with our products, the greater control you will have over any Aneros through your highly developed pc sphincter muscles. With the Eupho, an experienced user can utilize its slim design and subtle curves to allow it to dance all over the prostate, giving them sensations not found with our other models.

We like to compare the Eupho to a high performance sports car. Even at "low speeds" it's a lot of fun and powerful. However, it's not just a garage or parking lot beauty. An experienced user can make the Eupho perform like the way an experienced driver can a top sports car.

A - Head Width: 0.68 in
B - Head Depth: 0.74 in
C - Mid Ridge Width: 0.78 in
D - Mid Ridge Depth: 0.86 in
E - Stem to Perineum: 1.5 in
F - Insertable Length: 4.0 in

All Aneros prostate massagers come with a 60 day money back guarantee. Visit our refund policy page for details.

For instructions on how to use your Aneros, read the How To Use section of the Learning Center. Visit our Care and Cleaning page for directions on how to take care of your Aneros.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

The ending is truly great but, it’s big and not perfectly angled for me. It hurts until the end and that’s not fun.

It's ok

Feels good though wish it had a silicone coating what with all the recent news that plastic sex toys shed microplastics


It’s a wonderful product.

Less than satisfying

Didn’t find the Trident very stimulating
Not sure it was long enough to come in contact with prostrate


Eupho Trident

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