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How To Use The Aneros

Use this guide for instructions on how to use your Aneros massager.  Additionally, you can refer to a PDF version of the instructions that come with each Aneros for download. 

Whether you intend to use your Aneros massager alone or with a partner, for best results, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the product alone to start with.


For those who are new to anal/prostate play, taking a shower or bath is a good starting point.

Aneros Prelude

While it’s not strictly necessary, a douche or enema is a great way to clean up and relax at the same time which will help make insertion more pleasant. If you plan on doing internal cleansing, it should be done prior to showering or bathing.

*A note about the need for internal cleansing. Simply put, if you know your system well and have regular bowel habits, it may not be necessary. The fact is the rectum is generally empty other than one or two times a day prior to a bowel movement. But if you’re not regular or you just want to be more confident, a quick enema is the easiest way to get the job done. For this purpose, we recommend the use of low volume rinsing, just enough to lubricate any contents of the rectum for evacuation. Be aware that large volume rinsing can trigger cramping, which necessitates a lengthy cleaning process. While conventional enemas can be used for this, it can be tricky since they are made to discharge a large volume of water all at once. For an easier alternative check out our Aneros Prelude cleaning kit. This product is specifically designed for low volume rinsing with a slow flow, no backflow valve that prevents air from entering the bulb between applications.


Now that you’re relaxed and ready to go, it’s a good idea to prepare an area for your session. For most people this involves a bed covered with towel to keep things dry.

Using a good quality water-based personal lubricant like Aneros Sessions, apply a liberal coating to the body of the massager from the head to the stem. (Never use silicone or petroleum-based oil lubricants with the Syn Series or our vibrating products). Laying on your back or your side, slowly and gently massage the exterior of your anus with the head of the massager, making shallow penetration from time to time. This will relax the muscle and also introduce a small amount of lubrication internally. If you feel any resistance, relubricate the massager as above. Slowly start to move the head of the massage into your anus. *Note, the head of the massager should be positioned so that when it’s inside it’s angled upwards towards your navel. Breathe deeply and release, this relaxes your body and will make you more comfortable. Continue pressing inward slowly. At certain point the massager will become self-inserting, and your body will take the rest in on its own. Take a few minutes and few deep relaxing breaths of air. Allow your body to become accustomed to the sensation of the massager without any movement.

Now, with your Aneros massager inserted, squeeze your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle group. This is the muscle that you can contract to stop the flow of urine. It’s also the group of the muscles that contract during ejaculation. When you squeeze these muscles, it also causes the anus to tighten and pull inward and upward. As a result, the body of the massager pivots on the front tab (P-tab) externally, acting like a fulcrum. Each contraction levers the shaft of your Aneros towards your prostate while stimulating your anus, P and K-spots simultaneously. When you relax the muscle, the massager pivots outward returning to its original position. Your ability to use your PC muscle gives you the ideal control over the speed and pressure of your massage, and with a little practice you can create different sensations on your prostate.

As mentioned previously, you can use your Aneros during solo sessions or with a partner. The Trident series and Progasm models are comfortable to use in almost any position other than sitting. Sitting with these models is not recommended, as it may produce an unsafe amount of pressure on the prostate. The Syn Trident series and vibrating models may be comfortable for sitting for some individuals but bear in mind that this position will produce restriction of movement as well.

Try squeezing your PC muscle in short bursts or hold it for a longer time. Experiment with timing it with stimulation of your penis or explore it on its own. Since your pelvic muscles also squeeze and relax during sexual stimulation, you can also allow the natural (involuntary) contractions of your pelvis to control the motion instead of doing it deliberately (voluntarily). Natural contractions can take some practice to tune into, but they will allow you to enjoy much longer sessions. Furthermore, most users cite involuntary contractions as the key to producing Super O’s.

Some people experiment by moving Aneros massagers manually but be advised that our massagers are not designed to be used in this way. Manually manipulating an Aneros can cause an unsafe amount of pressure to be transferred to your prostate so this practice should be avoided.

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