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Aneros Prelude™ Enema Bulb Kit

Sale price$24.95

The Aneros Prelude™ Enema Bulb Kit is our internal cleansing system.  Ideal before an Aneros prostate massager session, the special slow-flow, one-way nozzle of the Aneros Prelude™ Enema Bulb Kit makes preparation easy and comfortable.  When it comes to anal and prostate play, confidence begins with a PRELUDE.  Made from medical grade silicone.  

Aneros Prelude Main Product Image
Aneros Prelude™ Enema Bulb Kit Sale price$24.95

Customer Reviews

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As a beginner, slight learning curve with the slow flow, but really great and love love it!


Aneros Prelude™ Enema Bulb Kit

Very good enema bulb syringe!

Very happy with this bulb syringe. I purchased it to replace an older syringe. The ribbed bulb makes squeezing the bulb when giving an enema easier. The one I used to have slipped out of my hand when I was giving an enema.
It holds 10oz. If you don’t need to give that much simply fill it full with how much you want to give. Or squeeze it until you feel enough has been given.
The instructions are great. Clean in kitchen sink with warm mild soapy water and rinse few times with plain water.
When I received it I immediately cleaned it. Very soft flexible bulb.
I lived the end of the nozzle that goes into the bulb. It snapped in place locked in.
I administered an enema with it to my oldest one (7 yo b). Gave it on the table. Towel on the table.
The bulb was firm and easy to squeeze when giving the enema. I gave one bulb full. Cleaned it after the enema and aired for a few days.
A neighbor saw it airing out in bathroom and asked where I got it. She ordered one. And has given a few enemas with it . She has no complaints.
The price is little high. But the quality is there.
The one way value is great.

Worst ever

I agree with others who gave one star. I eould have never purchased this had I known how hard it is to insert the nozzle. You have to fill the bulb with water and then insert the nozzle which then is sometimes impossible without spilling some water. The nozzle just pops out and splashes water over everything if you squeeze it too hard. Waste of money and time. Lost €25 on something that can now go straight to trash… Never getting an enema bulb from Aneros again…
The nozzle renders this useless. Any other kind will work better.

We’re sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the Prelude. FYI, the User Guide that came with your kit has simple instructions for inserting the nozzle into the bulb. But we are aware that some users are skipping this step, so we’ve added a video to this page to show everyone how easily this can be done. Giving it to you thumbnail, it involves using a small amount of lubricant on the nozzle stopper. Once you do this, inserting the nozzle is quite literally a snap! (See above). In the future, if you have a problem with any of our products, please reach out to our customer support…we’re here to help.

Does the job cleanly!

While the nozzle can be a little difficult to get in, the fact that the water does not flow back into the bulb, but only out, makes it worth a bit of a wrestle. And perhaps I'll get better at it with time.