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MGX Trident

Sale price$55.00

  • Moderately focused stimulation
  • Balanced for good responsiveness
  • Ribbed stem for more vigorous anal stimulation
  • Rigid construction for stronger stimulation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously
  • Excellent for users of all levels
  • XBIZ Awards 2019 Winner - Best Sex Toy (Non-Powered)
MGX Trident Main Product Image
MGX Trident Sale price$55.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

MGX Trident

Great Product

As a multiple Aneros product owner for nearly 20 years, MGX is my favorite. It never fails to send tingles and shivers radiating all over. I love how it is capable of moving around while inserted and always finds my prostate. I still have my original model which has lasted without any scratches, cracks, discoloration, or odor. Even though I've been exploring prostate stimulation for 40 years, none of my other toys come close to the pleasure produced by the MGX.


Small toy by aneros but firm and precise. I you prefer a practical toy, this is your choice. Easy to insert, easy to keep clean and odour free. For a travel toy, maybe the best out of Aneros line. I highly recommend this for evey beginner. 5/5

Aneros MGX Trident

I purchased the original Aneros MGX almost twenty years and it introduced me to prostate orgasms. I tried many different models as they were released and the Aneros MGX Trident was a model I had to try since I had such a fond relationship with the original version. The MGX Trident models seem to have more movement during use than its predecessor. This additional movement is most exquisite and has taken me to new levels of pleasure I didn’t know were possible. I also love the way the tabs on the Trident models seem to lock the toy firmly into place before it relentlessly teases pleasure From your prostate. This model is a must have for your Aneros collection!

Aneros Forum Review

The combination of 2 tabs that contact the sensitive spots, the increased mobility due to the asymmetric body and the general comfort improvements resulted in THE most incredible journey ever. I'm still not fully functional after 3 hours of pure unadulterated ecstasy. One thing about the MGX Trident that came as a real surprise- it stays in and is really comfortable to walk around or even sit down while inserted. Truth is that I haven't managed to talk myself into taking it out yet.