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Solo or Partnered

One of the great things about the Aneros massagers is the variety of ways you can utilize them. A lot of users enjoy having their partners massage their prostates, but it can be difficult to combine prostate massage with other kinds of sex. Fortunately, the Aneros makes it easy!

Solo or Partnered

You can use your Aneros during almost any kind of partnered sex, from kissing to oral sex, from embracing to intercourse. Virtually every kind of sexual activity is enhanced by the presence of an Aneros massager in your body! When it comes to intercourse, some men say it’s easier to tune into the prostate sensations if they’re in a less active role. For example, having intercourse while lying on your back with your partner astride you may work better than the missionary position. That said, other guys enjoy using their Aneros while in a more active role during intercourse where they are thrusting. So, try both and see what works best for you.

Using an Aneros device when you’re going solo is one of the best ways to enjoy prostate massage. It can be difficult to manually massage your own prostate, unless you’re a person with long arms, flexible wrists and long fingers. Fortunately for the rest of us, Aneros makes self-massage very simple. Your Aneros massager is a terrific add-on during masturbation, generating ejaculations that are much more intense. Something else to keep in mind, as you become aroused your PC muscles may involuntarily contract as you get turned on which is instantly translated into stimulation of your prostate. No wonder some people like to wear their Aneros out during the day or when they’re sleeping at night!

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