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Sexual Health, Pleasure and Wellness with Aneros

Sexual Health, Wellness, and Pleasure

In the eastern traditions of Tantra and the Tao, prostate massage has been used for thousands of years for the treatment of physical ailments and energy imbalances in the body and spiritual and sexual fulfillment. In Western medicine it was considered the “gold standard” for the treatment of prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate) and BPH (enlargement of the prostate) up until 1960’s when the development of targeted antibiotics and hormonal therapy replaced it. Things switched up again in the 80’s and 90’s with the increasing popularity of holistic medicine. Many of these practitioners recognized the inadequacy of drug therapies in dealing with some of their patients with diseases of the prostate, which resulted in them looking to the more “old school” approach of prostate massage once more.

In the present day, even traditional medical doctors have begun to integrate prostate massage into antibiotic therapy regimens for their patients, under the theory that massaging the prostate creates better absorption of the medication (D A Shoskes, S I Zeitlin,1999). In addition, it’s believed by some that prostate massage may help break up bio-film in the prostate (a protective layer on some micro-bacteria, that render antibiotics ineffective).

In a first for any pleasure product, a 2009 study at Columbia University Medical Center, found that devices made by Aneros were effective in the treatment of chronic prostatitis and the symptoms of BPH, with the majority of those studied showing significant reduction of their symptoms.

Anecdotally, Aneros massagers have been reported to be of benefit many other ways.

Erectile Dysfunction

In the cases of individuals with ED with poor pelvic floor muscle tone, PC muscle/Kegel training has been shown to improve the strength of erections. Coincidentally, Aneros products are efficient devices for PC muscle training, providing positive feedback (prostate sensation) with every contraction. When used regularly, many Aneros customers have reported having stronger, longer lasting erections.

Urinary incontinence

Regular use of Aneros devices for Kegel training strengthens the muscles responsible for controlling the flow of urine from the bladder which provides for greater urinary control.

Enhanced Sexual Performance

Stronger erections
Greater pelvic floor muscle tone produces stronger erections, and Aneros is an easy way to make this happen. Aneros prostate massage also creates more sexual arousal which helps promote stronger erections too.

Greater volume of ejaculate
The smooth muscles of the prostate contract during orgasm supplying much of the pumping action observed during ejaculation. Aneros prostate massage stimulates the gland and physically squeezes it, generating greater amounts of prostate fluid in the ejaculate.

More intense orgasms
The posterior surface of the prostate is covered with sensory nerve endings. Stimulation of this area via the rectum serves as a power erotic amplifier. Combining penile and prostate stimulation has a history dating back millennia to the teachings of Tantra, Kama Sutra and the Tao which described orgasms of a much greater magnitude. In addition, Aneros devices strengthen pelvic floor muscles which has also been shown to increase the strength of orgasms.

Super Orgasms
Contrary to popular belief, orgasm and ejaculation are two separate phenomena. Ejaculation occurs as result of orgasm, not the other way around. Orgasms generated via prostate massage take advantage of a secondary arousal pathway. These are special non-ejaculatory orgasms known for their tremendous intensity… often felt over the entire body. Sometimes called Male G-spot or Super Orgasms they have been well documented once again in the Eastern traditions of Tantra, Kama Sutra and the Tao. Better yet, Super O’s are repeatable one after the other with little or no pause in between. To date, Aneros massagers have been celebrated as the most effective way to achieve a whole-body orgasm. In this way, Aneros devices can make a person with a prostate truly multi-orgasmic.

For first-hand user accounts of the Super Orgasm, read the My First Super Orgasm and My Best Super-O and How I Did It threads from the Aneros Forum.

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