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Maximus Trident

Sale price$55.00

  • Larger head and midsection for more filling sensation
  • Less focused, more spread out prostate stimulation
  • Balanced for good responsiveness
  • Rigid construction for stronger stimulation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously
  • Excellent for intermediate and advanced users
  • Much greater movement compared to Maximus Classic
  • XBIZ Awards 2019 Winner - Best Sex Toy (Non-Powered)
Maximus Trident Main Product Image
Maximus Trident Sale price$55.00

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews

Took me years to figure out how to use my aneros. I achieved my first super O last year using Syn model. The Maximus took it to a whole new level. But to be honest it’s so intense sometimes I have to take it out. Never thought I’d get tired of orgasming but man, after the waves come, a half hour of it I am worn out. I also have chronic pelvic pain syndrome (chronic prostatitis) and have had it off and on since summer of 2020. This has sent it into remission. It’s a miracle device.

Now for the super O. Hard to describe, no feeling like it. Better than any sex or drug I’ve ever had. I feel like I am ejaculating out of my entire body - my hands/feet, butt, mouth… it’s a totally out of this world ecstatic experience. The best one I had I was seeing weird colors I’ve never seen before, and felt like I had shot off the bed into outer space. Flying through space, totally different dimension or plane. Really don’t know how to describe the feeling because it’s like something I’ve never felt. It’s like ejaculating x 1000. I sweat a lot when I use this, usually drenched, and the feelings are so intense in a good way that I end up screaming. I lost my voice once from the screaming. My advice is to be patient, it takes a long time to figure it out.

Once you make it to the other dimension with this you’ll be craving it.

A good experience

Its pretty fun when I can get it to move, but it takes a little bit more work to use. The external pressure tab is a little sharp and can kinda hurt after longer use. Packaging is very nice though.

Works Great

It does the job I was hoping for.

Maximus fun

This massager is great, moves all over and rocks it all

I wasn't...

I wasn't as happy with this model, it doesn't hit my prostate as well as my other investments that I've made with y'all..
Maybe if its head is bigger, it doesn't make contact like I need...
But that won't discourage me from being loyal to Aneros...
Are u'all currently working on anything bigger?
Can't wait for that...
Anxiously awaiting...