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The Design

When we introduced the world’s first hands-free prostate massager in 2000 it was the only product of its kind. Since that time there has been a proliferation of pleasure products designed for prostate stimulation. Still, decades later, Aneros remains in a class by itself. Read on and discover what makes Aneros unique.

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All Aneros prostate massagers flow from a basic design, with variations to suit different user preferences. Each model is made of two sections: the body and the base. The body is the part that’s inserted internally and is comprised of a head, midsection and stem. The head is the part that massages the prostate, the stem, the area that massages the anus. The base is the external section consisting of two arms, one in front, one in back that meet at the center of the stem. Each arm has a tab which provides stability and external stimulation. The front arm curves upward towards the perineum, the area just below the scrotum. The tab on the end that contacts the perineum is called the P-tab and the arm is called the P-tab arm. The rear arm curves back towards the tailbone where the tab contacts an area called the Kundalini spot or K-spot. The tab on this arm is called the K-tab and the arm is called the K-tab arm. The K-tab’s purpose is to provide extra sensation and make removal of the massager easier.

The body of your Aneros massager is the perfect length to reach and engage your prostate. It’s anatomically contoured for easy insertion and balanced so that it responds to even the most subtle muscle contraction. It’s held in place by the anal muscles and the external arms and tabs which prevent the massager from becoming lost inside the rectum.  Aneros Trident Series and Progasm models are made from rigid, body-safe, non-porous plastics that allow maximum control and responsiveness. These models will tend to produce more focused stimulation. The Syn Trident Series and our vibrating models feature a semi-rigid plastic core with a silicone outer layer. These models have a softer surface and more flexible arms, which allows more subtle control over the intensity of your experience. This flexibility and softer feel also make these models suitable for longer sessions and are great for users who like to sleep with the massager or wear it out during the day.


Aneros massagers are different from other prostate products in that they are designed to respond dynamically with your body, so they are activated by voluntary and involuntary muscle contractions. For more information be sure to read on about how to use your Aneros massager.

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