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Design Tenets

From our inception in late 2000, there have been a number of core principles that have directed our approach with regard to all the products we manufacture. Many of these concepts were originally derived from our parent company High Island Health, a business dedicated to promoting prostate health through prostate massage. As the dual nature of these devices became clear and it was revealed they were also powerful prostate stimulators, our design principles took on even greater significance, as the keys to creating products for sexual health and pleasure. These tenets reflect our understanding and approach with regard to form and function on all our current models. In addition, they provide us with a conceptual framework that guides our future product development and manufacturing.

Anatomical configuration

Model forming and shaping in conformation with internal and external body structures to provide stimulation of the perineal acupressure spot, anus, prostate and K-spot simultaneously.

Hands-free design

Designed for movement by anal and pelvic floor muscle contractions for stimulation of 4 erogenous zones (no batteries required).

Focused massage

Specially designed points of contact for safe and robust massage/stimulation from anal and pelvic floor muscle contractions

Engineered responsiveness

Precision balancing that transforms the subtlest contraction into focused stimulation.

Harmony between body and mind

Combination of features facilitates the connection between conscious pleasuring and involuntary self-stimulation that leads to whole-body orgasms.

High quality manufacturing

Produced in an ISO 9001 facility, under rigorous quality control, using strong, medical grade, easy-to-clean, body-safe materials.

Health and pleasure

Engineered for pleasure, all Aneros massagers are also designed to be effective at toning muscles and promoting circulation in the prostate and the pelvis.

A community connection

In a real sense Aneros owes its existence to a number of customers who initially enlightened our parent company about the potential of prostate massage for health and pleasure. Shortly after Aneros was founded, we established a user forum. Our intention was to provide a place for discussion and fellowship for those who used our products. In the decades since its inception, the Aneros Forum has grown into a vast community of members. Along the way, it’s also become an invaluable source of feedback that has informed our thinking and influenced our product development. We maintain a close connection with many of our forum members and we’ve even formed a product testing group comprised of new and veteran Aneros users. Maintaining a community/user connection will always be an essential element in how we do what we do at Aneros.