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Aneros Booty Collection Image


Once produced exclusively for conventions, expos and in-store trainings, these Aneros branded collector’s items are now available to the general public.  Raise the mast and bring home the booty!

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Aneros Official V-Neck T-Shirt Product Image
Official V-Neck T-Shirt Sale price $17.95
Helix 8 GB USB Product Image
Aneros Game Over Packaged ImageAneros Game Over Unpackaged Image
ANEROS® Game Over? Sale price $6.99
Beam Me Up Product ImageBeam Me Up Image Without Packaging
ANEROS® Beam Me Up Sale price $6.99
Aneros Pride Packaged ImageAneros Pride Unpackaged Image
ANEROS® Pride Sale price $6.99
Prostate + Aneros Packaged ImageProstate + Aneros Unpackaged Image
Prostate + ANEROS® Sale price $6.99
Aneros Super O Enamel Pin Packaged ImageAneros Super-O Enamel Pin Unpackaged Image
ANEROS® Super-O Sale price $6.99
Aneros Fries Product ImageAneros Fries Unpackaged Product Image
ANEROS® Fries Sale price $6.99