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New Progasm


The Progasm Family of massagers was designed for men
with experience in prostate or anal play, who desire fuller
and more focused sensations. Larger in size (L x W x H),
the Progasm is surprisingly agile and is our only product
with spherical perineum and Kundalini tabs. This adds up
to powerful simultaneous stimulation of 4 erogenous zones
from a simple muscle movement.

Progasm classic, ice, and black ice products
3 boxes of progasm products with 20th Anniversary Edition text
red 20th Anniversary Edition text

Aneros is excited to announce our redesigned Anniversary edition Progasm! This new release elevates the Progasm line to current Trident specifications with a rebalanced head, body, and stem for multi-axial internal movement. As with the Trident line, these subtle design changes result in significantly improved product performance, yielding a device with far more responsiveness that produces sensations of greater intensity and variety with greater ease.

Progasm Classic text

With the color and feel of marble, the Progasm Classic is true to its name and Aneros traditions. Made of the same white, non-porous, highly durable food grade plastic found in our original products, the Classic has a satin smooth finish and an award-winning design that continues to be a favorite with many Aneros users.

left view of white Progasm Classic product
right side view of Transparent Progasm Ice
Red-colored Progasm Ice title

The Progasm ICE combines the look of finely polished glass art with the durability of a non-porous high density, ultra-smooth plastic. Not just a pretty face, the Ice’s glossy surface makes it easier to insert and even more responsive to your body’s movement.

Progasm Black Ice title in black text

With a finish reminiscent of Onyx, the Black Ice is a sexy rendition of the Progasm design with the durability of a non-porous high density, ultra-smooth plastic. The Black Ice is also more responsive to your body’s movement and the most popular product in the Progasm line.

left view of Progasm Black Ice product
top and side view of Progasm with specifications

Product Specs

A. Tip Width: 1.15 inches
B. Mid-Ridge Width: 1.25 inches
C. Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.52 inches
D. Insertable Depth: 4.2 inches
E. Head Width: 1.25 inches