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2 white Peridise product with different heads


box of peridise product

Fun For Everyone

The perfect introduction to unisex anal play, Peridise continues the Aneros tradition of intelligent design. You’ve never experienced an anal toy like this before because there’s never been anything like it. By utilizing the body’s natural responses after insertion, The Peridise begins to quiver on its own, generating an orgasmic response that can stand alone or enhance a traditional orgasm.

box of peridise product

Nothing Like It

The Peridise has two knobs which work with your body to trigger a repeating push/pull response. As rectum seeks to eject the Peridise, the knobs send it back in. This happens in very rapid succession, triggering a peristaltic response in the anal cavity, increasing blood flow and providing pleasurable anal sensations.

large and small view of 2 Peridise products

gray sketch of 2 Peridise products with specs

Product Specs

  • Tip Width: 18.00 Millimeters
  • Insertable Length: 4.00 inches
  • Tip Width: 22.00 Millimeters
  • Insertable Depth: 3.5 inches

Don’t Forget Lubricant!

The key to getting the most enjoyment from the Male G-Spot is applying a liberal amount of lubricant. This allows the Aneros Stimulator to be inserted comfortably and to move freely during use. We recommend using only water-based lubricants because of the ease of clean up after use. Water-based lubricants also will not breakdown silicone which is used on some of our products. Our Sessions and Marksman water-based lubricants have been specially formulated for anal use

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