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front view of black Helix Syn Trident product

Helix Syn Trident

  • Hands free pleasure with the utmost comfort
  • Specially balanced for superior internal movement
  • Redesigned arms for enhanced external stimulation
  • Stimulates 4 erogenous zones simultaneously
  • Perfect for New and Advanced Users

Excellence Refined

In 2012 Aneros introduced the Helix Syn™. Featuring the perfect combination of responsiveness and focused stimulation paired with the comfort and elegance of silicone, the Helix Syn™ went on to become the most popular hands free male G spot massager in the world. Today we proudly present the Helix Syn™ Trident, the synthesis of our newest Trident series innovations with our most luxuriant velvet touch silicone yet. The Helix Syn™ Trident powerfully amplifies encounters with a partner and takes solo exploration to the level of multi-orgasmic ecstasy.
front-right view of Helix Syn Trident Box
small and large view of aneros trident product

In 2002, Aneros released the world’s first hands-free prostate massager, an anatomically-configured product specially balanced to work in harmony with a user’s contractions. In the years since, millions of men have been introduced to the concept of prostate pleasure and the wonders of the Male G-Spot orgasm (Super O). In late 2017, we released the Trident series.These devices introduced a new type of balancing architecture (MAMA™)* and arm configuration that demonstrated a tremendous improvement in product performance. The public response in 2018 was overwhelming, making it clear a milestone had been reached. Going forward, we will be incorporating these design elements into our existing product line as well as our new products, establishing a new standard now and for years to come.

Designed for Pleasure

How It Works

Prostate Massage Finger Medical Illustratration
The Old Way

Before the Aneros Stimulator, prostate massages always involved someone performing the massage, whether it be a physician during a check up, body work therapist, or if lucky, a skilled partner. Providing an effective massage is definitely an acquired skill. Due to flexibility constraints, realizing the benefits of an effective self-massage for most men has not been possible.

Helix Trident Medical Illustration
The Aneros Way

The Aneros Stimulator allows men to self-administer a prostate massage comfortably and discreetly. Simply through anal kegel exercises, the Aneros’s design utilizes a self-pivoting mechanism that stimulates the prostate internally and external via the perineum. This is done completely hands free, allowing a user freedom to explore the sensations in any number of positions.

The Super O Icon
Reach the Super- O

Using the Aneros Stimulator is progressively rewarding. Every session builds on the previous, increasing your body’s understanding of the sensations it has experienced, and incorporating new ones. Through practice and exploration, a user can reach the pinnacle of body/mind pleasure called the Super-O.

Product Specs

  • Tip Width: .98 inches
  • Mid-Ridge Width: 0.86 inches
  • Stem to Perineum Distance: 1.5 inches
  • Insertable Depth: 3.5 inches
  • Head Width 0.8 inches

3.5 inches


Don’t Forget Lubricant!

The key to getting the most enjoyment from the Male G-Spot is applying a liberal amount of lubricant. This allows the Aneros Stimulator to be inserted comfortably and to move freely during use. We recommend using only water-based lubricants because of the ease of clean up after use. Water-based lubricants also will not breakdown silicone which is used on some of our products. Our Sessions and Marksman water-based lubricants have been specially formulated for anal use

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History of Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager

The history of the Helix Syn Trident began with the release of the original Helix in 2004, as a part of the launch of the “New Generation” line of products. With this, the Aneros product line grew from one model to four while seeking to provide new alternatives aimed at user preferences. With its sleek lines and more pronounced head, the Helix quickly superseded all other Aneros products in sales. In 2012 Aneros released the Helix Syn, a hybrid version of the Helix featuring a rigid substrate overcoated in soft silicone. A more luxurious edition, well-known for its ease of insertion, it quickly took top ranking of Aneros products. In 2017 the “New Generation” line was revamped with a rebalancing, using a new, MAMA® (multi-axial-motion) architecture. In addition to a different symmetry this new version featured a new tab (replacing the removal handle) . The result was more movement in 3 axial planes, more responsiveness and greater internal and external stimulation particularly with respect to the Helix. With this, the Helix Trident was born. In 2019, a Trident version of the Helix Syn was released. Since that time the Tridents have received rave reviews and many industry awards. The Helix Syn Trident has not only become the most popular product Aneros sells, but is indeed the world’s most popular hands free, self-driven prostate massager.

Features of the Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager

The Helix Syn Trident is a 4th generation anatomically designed hands-free male G-spot stimulator, combining design elements from our most popular rigid model, the award-winning Helix Trident with the added comfort and give of high-grade silicone. With a simple contraction Helix Syn Trident pivots inward and upward stimulating the male G-spot (prostate), anus, perineum and K-spot simultaneously. The Helix Syn Trident features a larger, angled head which generates more robust prostate stimulation. Flexible K and P tabs and arms produce most comfortable externals stimulation. Perfect for sitting and grinding, stepping out on the town and sleeping. The Helix Syn is made of FDA approved, phthalate free, non-porous materials, so it’s safe to use and easy to clean.

Why the Aneros Helix Syn Trident Prostate Massager

The Helix Syn Trident is widely recognized as an excellent model for beginner, intermediate and advanced users alike. A softer, gentler version of the Helix Trident, the Syn maintains the robust characteristics with a more cushioned feel, that makes it easier for insertion and more comfortable while in use. The Helix Syn Trident’s silicone exterior also makes it super slick when well lubed and super responsive to voluntary and involuntary contractions. Its flexible arms and cushioned tabs produce a more subtle level of perineal and K-spot engagement so they can be sat on and grinded against without any discomfort. The Helix Syn Trident is also one of our most popular models for use with a partner during intercourse. With every thrust and every twitch, the Helix Syn Trident provides a gentle stroking stimulation of prostate, without anything “pokey” to destroy the mood. The perfect companion for any kind of partner play, the Helix Syn Trident is a powerful erotic amplifier capable of raising arousal to unprecedented levels of magnitude. And when climax is imminent, count on the Helix Syn Trident to deliver an orgasm of greater power, depth and volume. The Helix Syn Trident can only be used with water-based and plant oil based personal lubricants.