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Learning Center Overview

Welcome to the world of Aneros, where we’re expanding the horizons of human sexuality through prostate massage. In our Learning Center, you will learn about our innovative design methodology, receive detailed instructions for use, discover the potential of prostate massage for sexual health and pleasure and much more. Aneros prostate stimulators are hands-free, patented devices that work in harmony with your body.

Going to another dimension

While we do offer several electronic devices, all Aneros products can be used equally well without electronically induced vibrations. All of our products are designed so they move in and out of the rectum in dynamic response to user contractions where they stimulate and massage 2 erogenous zones: the prostate and anus and two external acupressure spots simultaneously.  They’re unique in that they are precisely configured for the internal and external anatomy, producing focused massage while driven by anal contractions only. They are responsive to voluntary and involuntary contractions of the most subtle kind and can create a positive sensory feedback loop of sensation, transforming involuntary internal movement into instantaneous stimulation.

Aneros massagers can be used right out of the box as powerful sexual amplifiers. When used during oral sex and traditional intercourse, they will make you harder, last longer, and have better control. Furthermore, your prostate will empty more fully during ejaculation, which means a more intense, more satisfying orgasm. This increased sexual performance offers a terrific secondary benefit for partners as well, as an Aneros is a great way to explore and expand your intimacy.

Lastly, Aneros massagers can be used to discover a new type of orgasm, a non-ejaculatory experience often referred to as the Super O. Far more intense and longer lasting than a traditional orgasm, it possible have multiple orgasms without any pause in between.

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