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Need help choosing an Aneros model?

With a variety of styles and materials, one of the most common questions we get asked is what Aneros model one should get. Answer the following questions about your preferences for some recommendations.

Our top picks for you

Based on your preferences, we recommend the following products:

While all Aneros massagers can be used to promote prostate health, most people visiting our website are interested in the pleasure benefits. Why are you interested in a prostate massager?

Are you interested in solo or partnered sessions?

What’s your experience level when it comes to anal/prostate play?

What sized massager do you like the idea of?

Do you have a vibration preference?

What level stimulation appeals to you?

What length sessions do you imagine having?

Helix Syn V Main Product ImageHelix Syn V Packaging
Helix Syn V Sale price $99.95
Helix Trident Main Product ImageHelix Trident Packaging
Helix Trident Sale price $55.00
Helix Syn Trident Main Product ImageHelix Syn Trident Packaging
Helix Syn Trident Sale price $69.95
Vice 2Vice 2
Vice 2 Sale price $149.95
Eupho Trident Main Product ImageEupho Trident Packaging
Eupho Trident Sale price $55.00
Eupho Syn Trident Main Product ImageEupho Syn Trident Packaging
Eupho Syn Trident Sale price $69.95
MGX Trident Main Product ImageMGX Trident Packaging
MGX Trident Sale price $55.00
MGX Syn Trident Main Product ImageMGX Syn Trident Packaging
MGX Syn Trident Sale price $69.95
Maximus Trident Main Product ImageMaximus Trident Packaging
Maximus Trident Sale price $55.00
Progasm Jr Main Product ImageProgasm Jr. Packaging
Progasm Jr. Sale price $49.95
Aneros Peridise 2pk Main Product ImageAneros Peridise Packaging
Peridise Sale price $19.95
Aneros Tempo Product ImageTempo Packaging
Tempo Sale price $69.95
Progasm Black Ice Main Product ImageAneros Progasm Black Ice Packaging
Progasm Black Ice Sale price $59.95
Progasm Ice Main Product ImageProgasm Ice Packaging
Progasm Ice Sale price $59.95
Progasm Classic Main Product ImageProgasm Classic Packaging
Progasm Classic Sale price $59.95
Blue MGX Syn Trident Product ImageBlue MGX Syn Trident Packaging
Blue MGX Syn Trident Sale price $69.95
Progasm Red Ice Main Product ImageProgasm Red Ice Packaging
Progasm Red Ice Sale price $59.95
ANEROS PSY™ Sale price $79.95
No products match the criteria you have selected.

No products match the criteria you have selected.