Easy Anal Penetration: Everything You Need to Know

The best way to massage your prostate is through anal penetration. You can also get some indirect stimulation by firmly pressing the perineum (the area between the testicles and the anus) up towards the head, but the fact that you’re going through layers of muscle and other tissue means that the massage is less focused. It’s like giving someone a backrub when they’re wearing a sweater. It can feel good, but it’s definitely not the same thing.

When you get to the prostate through anal penetration, it’s a lot easier to access because all that stands between you and the gland is the wall of the rectum. That means you can feel more kinds of stimulation, including lighter touch, smaller motions, and more subtle movements.

It can take some practice to get used to anal penetration, especially since the muscles tighten up when you feel stressed, anxious, or worried. That means that if you’re concerned about discomfort, it can make things a bit more difficult. Fortunately, the Aneros prostate massagers are designed to make things easy. Since they are meant to focus on the prostate, they’re slimmer than toys that are meant to stimulate the anus. That makes them a lot simpler to use, no matter what your experience level.

There are a few simple steps you can take to make things work and feel better. Whether you’re new to the Aneros prostate massagers or you’ve been using them for a while, read through these tips to discover how you can get the most out of your experience.

One of the most common concerns around anal penetration is whether things can get “messy.” Obviously, you need to be more mindful of that than with vaginal penetration, but it’s not difficult.

Since all of the Aneros products are made from either non-porous plastic or silicone, they’re easy to keep clean. Washing them with soap and hot water after use is all you need to do.

In general, there shouldn’t be much, if anything, left behind after you have a bowel movement. However, that’s not always the case, especially if you use medications that affect your digestion or if your diet doesn’t have enough fiber. If you’re concerned about it, you can rinse out with the StreemMaster Mini Douche. Use wrist-temperature water and be sure to lubricate the nozzle before inserting it. Simply hold the water for 15-30 seconds before releasing it into the toilet. You can repeat this a few times, if necessary.

Since the Aneros massagers only penetrate as far as the prostate, a lot of men don’t bother rinsing out. You can lay a towel down on the bed in order to keep things neat. That can also be a good way to make sure that the lubricant doesn’t get on the sheets.

It can also help if you get turned on first. Arousal helps the pelvic floor relax, so penetration is simpler. It also makes finding the prostate easier since it fills with fluid and gets larger when you get turned on. So whether you use your Aneros solo or with a partner, start off doing something that gets you turned on to maximize your pleasure potential. Many men find that as they gain experience with their Aneros massager, this becomes less necessary.

You’ll also want to have a high-quality lubricant. For tips on picking the right one, read on.

To get the most out of your Aneros experience, you’ll need a high quality lubricant. There are a lot of choices, so here’s how to find the one for you.

Most men use water-based lubes because they’re easy to clean up. A quick rinse in the shower or using a hypoallergenic wipe takes care of any lubricant that may have gotten on your skin.

There are a few different kinds of water-based products. Some of them, like ID Glide, are glycerin-based. That makes them super slippery and long lasting, so they work great. And ID has a thicker formula, which is often preferred for anal penetration. Glycerin can become sticky when it dries out, but you can refresh it with a drop or two of water.

Lots of guys like glycerin-free lubricants like System Jo H2O and Aneros Sessions because they don’t get sticky. However, some users find that they dry out a little more quickly so the need to apply more. (Adding water won’t help with these.) Glycerin-free formulas are good for people whose bodies are sensitive to products because it can be irritating to the rectum..

An easy way to get lubricant where you want it is with the Aneros Marksman. You simply open the tube, apply some lube to the neck, insert and squeeze. That makes sure you have plenty of lubricant where the shaft of your Aneros product will be. Be sure to also apply lubricant to your massager to make insertion easy.

For more details about lubricants from our community visit the lubricant section of our wiki.

That’s a tricky question to answer since different people have different preferences. It’s like shaving cream or other body-care products. Some men don’t care which one they use and others go with a specific brand. Your best bet is to try one or two and see how they work for you. Sometimes, finding the right lubricant can make all the difference in your prostate massage so if your first experience doesn’t feel quit right, try a different one and see if it helps.

There are a few popular positions that will help you get the most out of your Aneros experience. Different ones work for different guys, so you’ll need to experiment a bit to find the ones that feel best for you. Here are some pointers to get you started.

On your back

This is one of the easiest positions to get into because it’s so relaxing. Put a couple of pillows under your head and upper back to curve your spine and help you insert your Aneros massager. You can also put a pillow under your hips to put your spine in a C-curve. That makes it easier for your muscles to relax so you can focus on moving your Aneros.

Try putting your feet flat on the bed, with your knees bent. You can also experiment with bringing your legs closer together or further apart. If you can put the soles of your feet together, with your knees out to the side (butterfly position), go for it. If that’s a challenge, try putting a couple of pillows outside each of your legs so you can rest them open without working the muscles.

Another option is to bend your hips and knees to 90 degrees and grab the backs of your knees. That changes the angle of your pelvic floor and can make your Aneros session more intense. Try using your arms to support your legs, too. You can also lay your legs flat on the bed and see how that goes. That can work really well if you want to wear your Aneros during sex with a partner.

In these positions, it’s usually easiest to insert your Aneros by reaching down between your legs.

Face down

One of the big advantages of a face down position is that gravity works with you to increase the sensation of your Aneros massager. Try getting on your elbows and knees. It’s an easier position than hands and knees because there’s less pressure on your wrists.

Face down is also an easy way to use your Aneros during sex with a partner. You can wear it while giving oral sex or even during intercourse (though some men say that the subtle sensations of the Aneros get lost during intercourse).

You can explore having your legs together or in a spread eagle position. And if you’re getting a massage, you can lie flat on a bed or massage table.

Another fun face-down variation is to stand on the floor and bend over the end of the bed. You can hold yourself up on your elbow or rest your weight on the bed. If you have tight hamstring muscles, give your knees a small bend to make it easier to bend over. This position lets you move your hips freely, which can be lots of fun. It’s also the easiest way to insert your Aneros while face down since you can reach either between your legs or around the back. Or you can insert it while on your back or standing, and then move into a different position.


You can stand upright and let the muscles of your pelvis control the action, or you can even walk around. Each motion of your pelvics will send the Aneros into your prostate!

One advantage to standing is that it’s “gravity-neutral.” When you’re face up, your muscles work against gravity to bring your massager into contact with your prostate. When you’re face down, they have to work to lift the massager off of it. But standing means that your muscles never work against gravity, so it’s a great option, especially if you’re new to working the pelvic musclesBut don’t worry about your Aneros slipping out. The shape of the shaft will keep it in place.

The easiest way to insert your Aneros while standing is to put one foot on a chair or a footstool. Then, you can either reach down the front or around the back as you slide it in. Once it’s in place, you can put your foot down or find another position.

Side lying

Another “gravity-neutral” option is to lie on your side. Simply lie down (lots of men prefer to do this on their right sides) and bend your upper leg and knee to 90 degrees. Rest your knee on a pillow and relax. This is one of the most effective positions. It’s also really relaxing, so you can enjoy an extended session.

Inserting your Aneros in this position usually works best by reaching around the back.

Before you can get to the prostate, you need to know how to make anal penetration easy. Lots of men enjoy anal stimulation along with their prostate pleasure, while others prefer to focus on their prostates with minimal anal stimulation. Whichever group you’re in, here’s what you need to make it work.


Despite how they show it in erotic movies, anal penetration is about relaxing open rather than forcing or stretching open. The two best ways to do that are breathing and arousal. Taking long, slow, deep breaths encourages the pelvic muscles to relax, while short, fast, high breathing makes it tighten up. The more you practice deep breathing, the easier things will be.

That’s especially important if you’re new to anal penetration and you’re worried about pain or discomfort. Anxiety makes things get tighter, so whether you were stuck in traffic, you’re stressed about work, or you’re concerned about your prostate experience, the more you can let that go, the more you’ll get from your Aneros massager. Taking a hot shower before your session can also help you to relax.


Whichever lubricant you use, be sure to use plenty of it. Cover the entire shaft of your Aneros massager. Not using enough lube can end up cutting your session short because of discomfort.


The more turned on you are, the easier it is to insert your massager. If you’re new to using an Aneros, start off with some solo pleasure, massage around the anal opening, or enjoy an erotic movie. Many men find that after some positive experiences, it becomes easier to get started,


Place the tip of your Aneros against your anus with the front tab aimed towards the front of your body. Take a slow breath and as you exhale, bear down. This is the same motion you make when you go to the bathroom. While bearing down, gently press the Aneros into your anus. When you start to inhale, you’ll feel your anus squeeze around the neck of the massager. Gently press it into place, being sure that the tab is centered on your perineum (the area between the testicles and anus).

If your massager rotates to the side during use, simply slip it back into place to position it correctly.