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Now that you have completed the preparations, learn how to insert your Aneros Massager. Relax, then begin your breathing exercises and contractions.

Stage 1 – Relaxation & Concentration

Position the Aneros Massager so that the perineum abutment (tab top of the thicker, upturned arm) will press against the perineum acupressure spot when the Aneros Massager is fully inserted into the anus. The thinner, curled arm should be oriented towards the back.

Slowly insert the Aneros Massager about one half of the way into the anus; it will then be drawn the rest of the way into the rectum and accurately position itself against the prostate with the perineum abutment pressing firmly against the perineum acupressure spot. The anal canal, front wall of the rectum, prostate, and the perineum acupressure point will be stimulated simultaneously by the Aneros Massager. At this time, many inexperienced users will feel the urge to urinate.

IMPORTANT: * The perineum abutment (top of front arm) should always press against the perineum during use. It is very important to keep the Aneros Massager facing in the proper direction. If you insert the Aneros Massager backwards, you can not correctly stimulate the involved sex organs. This will drastically reduce the effectiveness of the Aneros Massager.

To ensure that the Aneros Massager is properly inserted, use the handle/guide to position the perineum abutment against the perineum acupressure spot. The perineum acupressure spot is located between the anus and the scrotum, usually 1.5 to 2 inches from the anus toward the scrotum.

Keep the perineum area dry to ensure the perineum abutment won’t slip from the perineum acupressure spot.

When the Aneros Massager is fully drawn into the anus, you will initially feel the pressure of the foreign object. For best results, allow 10 to 20 minutes for relaxation. During this time, we recommend meditative breathing exercises.

Slowly inhale for 4 – 8 seconds, hold this breath for several seconds, now slowly exhale for 4 – 8 seconds. Relax and concentrate on the sensations in the anal area. The anus will accommodate the Aneros Massager and the foreign sensation will fade. Release all tensions and expectations with each exhalation.

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