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Penile Stimulation

Using the Aneros is a journey into awareness of your own body. Here we describe some techniques used to reach what have been reported to us as altered states of euporia. This is the Dream Orgasm, the Super-O.

Stage 4 – Penile Stimulation

Now you may stimulate the penis glans if you prefer. This will bring you close to the threshold of ejaculation. When you feel ejaculation to be imminent, immediately stop penile stimulation to avoid ejaculation and quickly add more tension to the sphincter, muscles controlling erection, and your entire body.

Contract your anal sphincter together with the penis erection muscles as strong as you can. This practice will cause more blood to flow through your penis. You will actually feel your penis expanding and swelling. Keep this contraction as long as you can. This is very good practice to maximize prolonged expanded erection of your penis without a vacuum pump, penis ring, etc.

Note: For best results, bend the knees close to the stomach, squeeze the scrotum between the inner thighs (you can cross your thighs to squeeze more) then stretch your legs so that the penis skin and the scrotum are pulled back toward the base. It seems like the penis itself is stretched out, increasing its hardness and sensitivity. You may feel some pleasurable tautness caused by the stress added to the skin. As you approach orgasm, you will feel a contraction-like movement within the testicles.
Some people have ejaculatory orgasms without penile glans stimulation. Sometimes, just the tension applied to the penile skin will cause ejaculation. Ejaculatory orgasm can be easily achieved through stimulation of the penis glans.

You may also choose to have intercourse while using the Aneros Massager. This kind of ejaculation should be the strongest. When you reach the point of no return, you will feel your anus begin to pump rhythmically, relaxing and contracting several times before the start of ejaculation. During the ejaculation, the strong orgasmic contractions will cause the Aneros Massager to stroke the prostate and other vital sex organs with each contraction. This action will completely empty your prostate of fluid. The strength and the amount of the ejaculation will be far greater than that achieved by any other conventional sexual technique.

4 Responses to “Penile Stimulation”

  1. Jim says:

    I tried this with my wife on top at the end of this session. I already had 2 orgasams before she got on. I had the largest orgasam of my life! I ejaculated for about 5 to 7 minutes. It was GREAT. She did also.

  2. Marc says:

    I’ve had my Progasm fo a few weeks now. I have’t been able to have a “no hands” experience. Gut it does feel good inside of me.
    I’m glad that I got the Progasm. It is initually hard to get in, but once it is in there, it feels really good.

    I’m a little squemish about inserting anything anally. Bit I have to say – GO BIG!

  3. joe373 says:

    Wow, I need to try this! I have only tried finger penetration and that feels good. I can’t imagine what this will feel like.

  4. Joe says:


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