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August 2013
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January 3
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  • ....he was wearing it. I immediately reached to see, and sure enough he was. I wiggled it while we walked to the point that he stopped, pulled down his shorts and mine and, well, the rest is history. It was pretty hot. Knowing that he felt as good as he did. That was wonderful.
    August 2013
  • Hi. I don't own one nor have I used one. I have a friend back home in Northern Illinois who has one and seemed to be the area's spokesperson for Aneros. Just kidding about the spokesperson, but I ended up finding out he owned three different ones. The clear, white and the latest one. He loved it so much, he would wear it just about anywhere as it is discreet enough and nothing protrudes in a way someone could see it in his pants. I guess I am hoping to find someone in the area who may have one who may want to let me see how it works on him and maybe get the nerve to try. My friend says it is amazing the way it rubs inside and out. He did say you need to be gentle, especially when just starting out. But the times he used it when we had sex, all I really had to do was touch it when it was in him, and the sensations he says he felt almost brought him to his knees. I think the most amazing one was when he and I went for a walk in a nearby forest preserve and he told me he.....
    August 2013