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June 2013
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February 2014
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  • isvara
    We are have trouble attaching photos to our posts. No matter what I do the window comes up saying "cannot retrieve .jpg. Can you get this fixed. (10-mar-14) Thanks
    March 2014
  • Wandering_Smoke
    Hello. Awhile ago you mentioned that the Muze was being redesigned, or improved in some way. I'm wondering, do you know when the new version will be available? I'd like to get a Vice, but I'll wait until I can get one with the new Muze.
    November 2013
  • Pommie
    I'm sending you this as a PM since I don't wish to spread alarm through the forum but I have been receiving some strange behaviour on the forum during the past two days. Whenever I attempt to open the forum home page or switch back to it (in order to open a different thread0, I get the following message along the top of a blank page: "fatal error: Call to unidentified function SyncUserEmails () in home/httpd/html/ on line 51" I am using an Apple Mac so I'm not sure whether that could be a reason. It is concerning me because it looks as if I have been infected and it means that I can't move around the forum without going through the step if dismissing this message. Incidentally, during my most recent visit to the forum a few minutes ago, this same message appeared in its own wind near the top of the page that I was reading. I was able to close that wndow without any problems but it is disconcerting.
    October 2013