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November 2010
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  • Brine, have you posted any videos? I would be great to see a video version of one your audio sessions.
    February 16
  • Hi, I read about yuur recording and i am very interesting in it. Hope you can add me in skype (bestofholland) and send it to me in Skype. i am crazy about handsfree and aneros, but need more to practice. Hope you recording will help me. Thanks a lot
    August 2013
  • Brine. I need your help for a successful businessman guy who ditched the aneros saying it was addictive and distraction. See my thread on Aneros addiction and distraction. Thanks Bro.
    March 2013
  • Hi Brian, just thought I'd touch bases and let you know I'm back. I was sick butt I'm getting better. Looking forward to hearing from you my friend. Will
    December 2012
  • Well it wasn't operative since the hacking, so why wud it be here now? I can't remember the name of the place where the last item on the menu was opening to who's on now, but I sure can't see where to get to it now.
    July 2012
  • brine
    Where is the chat room?
    July 2012
    • twlltin
      Looks like we'll have to fall back to the "unofficial chat" for the moment. I've bumped the relevant thread in the forum.
      July 2012