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B Mayfield
January 2003
Last Active
February 15
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B Mayfield

  • Hello B Mayfield. Thank you for my admittance. This place has been a great help to me in my journey. I want to post my experience but was unsure if I should mention that most of the time I was using a porn shop knockoff of the Helix classic. I have only recently purchased the Maximus. It is great. So I thought I would run this by you, since its yours and it can be read by non members. Thanks.
    January 27
  • J2_0
    A few years back the Aneros web site was hacked and some of the posts were not recovered via their original URL addresses. One that I cant find was: Any idea on how I might find it?
    December 2014
  • J2_0
    Hi, I tried to post a moment on the bottom of Poll and received, in red "Body is Required" What am I doing wrong? Also how do I send PM to members directly? Thanks
    December 2014
  • Why can't I post questions
    February 2014
  • Hi B, you mentioned in one of your posts a couple of positions for the Eupho. Where can I find these positions?
    January 2014
  • Hi.. I hope you have the time to chime in on my latest question. Could need some expertise... :)
    April 2013
  • Sorry Brian............I mistakenly posted to Darwin on your homepage. But I need you hel too on this new thread. Thanks
    March 2013
  • Darwin I need your help on a thread I began on Aneros addiction and distraction for a successful business man freind of mine Thanks
    March 2013
  • Darwin I need your help on a thread I began on Aneros addiction and distraction for a successful business man freind of mine Thanks
    March 2013
  • B is there something i could do with my Helix while just sitting around the house that would be beneficial
    February 2013
  • rumel
    WHOA, "B" what a trippy new avatar, was this created by <A HREF="">Peter Max</A> ? Very cool ! Just don't let the <A HREF="">Blue Meanies</A> into an Anerosession!
    October 2012
  • Cockadoodle
    Hi, Brian, Say, I saw your post from the guy "complaining" about his Super O experiences. HA! Re the Vice. I bought mine when they first appeared, and at first I thought it was OK, but I haven't used it too much because the vibrator is so aggressive that it's not fun. I see that the new vibrator is far less stiff, at least from reports. Is there any way that I can get a break on the price of a new vibrator either as an exchange or as a "deal" because the first one was so aggressive? Just wondering. Larry
    August 2012
    • dingus
      I wouldn't say I was complaining--just asking a question and trying to learn from those who are further along on the journey. Jeez.
      August 2012
  • artform
    Hi B!! How are you now? Hope all is well and improving!!
    August 2012
  • B, in your review of the Syn you referenced a side by side motion while laying on your back. I'm not understanding that and was wondering if you can explain further. Are you rolling to your left and then right side and back?
    July 2012
  • B Mayfield
    B Mayfield changed his profile picture.
    July 2012