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February 2013
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  • muscleman65
    I climax more from a pegging, last longer and more relaxed
    August 2014
  • euphemistic
    Thanks for your comment about pegging. That's exactly the kind of explanation I was looking for in the pegging thread. What men experience when they're getting pegged. It sounds different from being fucked by a man even though the same prostate is being excited. I'm responding to you directly because I'm not responding in deva's threads anymore because I don't want her to attack me again. Again, thank you.
    June 2014
  • aneros_user13872
    Is that 69 in your handle significant?
    March 2014
  • ineverknew
    i was reading one of your posts earlier. One thing I've noticed with myself, is that as things progress and the feelings get more and more intense I have found that my body and muscles tense up in anticipation of an orgasm. This tensing up can stop the involuntaries and cease any orgasm in its tracks, so i have to remain calm and check my self every so often and make sure im still relaxed, cause lets face it, sometimes it feels so good you dont even realize that your doing it.
    April 2013
  • Lenny Bruce
    I found Shea butter in a local health food store in Montreal.
    April 2013