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January 2013
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February 2013
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  • aneros_user49291
    Hi tim. My name is Nate, 26, and just recently married. I am a Christian and an aneros user. I currently go to a non-denomination church but I come from more of a Baptist background. If you have some questions about your life and how Gods words apply to it I'm here to listen and to give any sound advice that I can. I hope this is an encouragement to you, and urge you to pray, examine yourself, and compare it to the bible so that you may always give god the glory!
    January 2013
  • newguy8762
    Tim, I did get your message and replied. I guess the reply didn't come to you. Here it is again. Please let me know you're getting this... Tim, (All my best friends have been Tim's and my son is also a Tim!), Here's a little about me. I live in the U.S. in Texas. This year, my wife and I will celebrate out 30th year of marriage. I'm 50 and will turn 51 this year. I have six kids and two grand children and love my family, as I'm sure you do. Do you have kids? How old are you? It sounds like you may live in another country and English may be a second language for you or maybe I'm just reading to much into your email. I take very good care of myself physically, working out regularly...lifting weights and using kettle ball exercises...and I watch what I eat (not a lot of carbs, avoiding processed foods and sugar most of the time) so I'm in very good shape for a guy my age and most people think I'm 10-years younger than I am. God, I believe, also renews our youth like the eagles
    January 2013