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February 2012
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  • Pommie
    Good Evening to you! I believe you are a regular user of the SGX model and I have been looking to obtain a second one to modify (by cutting off the curly section of its handle). I just have a reluctance to damage my existing one. In the belief that the HIH PS2 (ProState) model was the same as the SGX I ordered and received one from Physio Supplies at the end of last week. On comparing the two models, I find that the PS2 is actually bigger than the SGX and the shape of the tip of the tool and its handle arm are quite different. I would place the PS2 as somewhere between the SGX and the MGX and only a whisker smaller than the MGX. Is what you are using a true SGX or is it a PS2?
    March 2014
  • euphemistic
    Thanks for focusing in on darkengine's problem. You sound like you do some kind of psychotherapy professionally. I got in way over my head and probably confused the guy more than helped. I actually was coming down with an illness and completely misdiagnosed my own problem while trying to give advice. Talk about not listening to one's body, haha.
    September 2013
  • timnall
    hi its timnall . can u contact me please. i want to ask u if you are a Christian
    January 2013
  • Winston
    Not at all, you Ok this mroning
    September 2012