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November 2011
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February 6
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  • Mattp
    Hey man, Congrats on the Super!! You finally did it. My first Super O gave me INTENSE aless senations for about 3-4 days. Enjoy them. Look forward to hearing more. Mattp
    July 2015
  • Michael Austin
    Two things: 1) What is the audio to which Bunk refers? Sexy male voices do me in! I'll take a dozen of whatever you're flogging. 2) I've been reading past comments. All very interesting. I get the impression that whether he knows it or not every guy finally got his cherry royally popped when he got it on with the helix. I don't think Aneros can use this for advertising but I can hardly wait ! 3) I like your nick name !
    May 2015
  • Bunk
    Loved your audio. You have such a sexy voice , I was riding while listening to you riding. Very sexy, really got me going.
    April 2014
  • RipTheJacker
    Thom - Is this a PM area for private discussion? If so, are you going to be up for the next hour? I'd enjoy chatting if you're "up" for it, but I have to tend to a couple things in the next quarter hour. - rip
    January 2014
  • petelg
    Do you still have the "black ice progasms" for sale..If so how much are you asking?...
    May 2013
  • ineverknew
    still have a black ice progasm for sale?
    March 2013
  • Tomasheen
    Just over three years. The big ones are recent. Thanks.
    March 2013
  • Bill Bately
    Hey Big glans. I can take one for 32$ send me a pm with details. Bill.
    March 2013
  • kat
    What is this? A chat room?
    March 2013
  • timnall
    hi . how are things. with you. tell me about yourself. ru married, what age ru. where do u live. i have just joined this group. regards tim
    January 2013
  • cj187
    Hey dude, been liking your blog entries
    July 2012
  • azsx
    Hey I have a question. Could you please give me some information on it.
    July 2012