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January 2013
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April 17
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  • Pommie
    @inhope, I have written about two pages by way of a reply to your request but it seems this system won't allow me to send more than about half a page of it. If you would care to send me a PM containing your email address, I'll send it to you that way. Sorry about the delay. Cheers, Pommie
    December 2013
  • rumel
    In Hope there is no anger, In Hope there is no frustration, In Hope there are no expectations, In Hope there is Peace and Calm, In Hope Patience is rewarded, In Hope Desire flourishes, In Hope exists Love, 'inhope', I hope you find yourself, In Hope
    August 2013
  • i cant give you an answer for your thread topic, but try to change the thread title which fits your last question better, so maybe those who already read the first post and didnt think its interesting or thought they cant answer your fist question...can now. just a hint to "fool" someone into clicking your thread again. mfg
    January 2013
  • I'm new here. Just cruising around
    January 2013