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October 2012
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February 12
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  • devajones
    Armon-neat → euphemistic I've only recently begun to chat and if it's anight I looking for getting a push for a session I try to seek out a private chat. I've noticed that sometimes the group is deflected by a particular topic and sometimes it's a participant who hijacks the chat or a kind of clique . I noticed that the other night when one of the few women who pipes up made an appearance and things tended to revolve around her and her personal how shoul I say ths, predilections. That was aturn OFF for me. Of course who am I to say a woman can or cannot be part of the chat but OTOH, I didn't feel comfortable writing about certain things with a female present, but that's just me... I'm not sure which woman you were referring to but here's my input. The chat was NOT designed for what you indicate you use it for here. I have noticed your aversion to me before and that's fine. However I find what you use chat for as totally a turn off as well, show a bit more respect.
    February 1
  • dmanbost
    Hi I am a newbie! I cannot seem to get into the chat room?
    December 2014
  • euphemistic
    Hi Armon. I miss Bigolia. Do you know what happened to him? I thought he said he chatted with you too.
    October 2014
  • Xileh
    Is the Gat Goren Method being performed in the U.S.? Thanks, I found your post helpful. I agree that conventional methods are only treating the symptom. Randy
    March 2014
  • JockParker
    By the way I found your post really informative and helpfull Jock parker
    May 2013
  • JockParker
    Hi I'd be really interested to hear from you re BPH If we could compare thoughts I'd greatly appreciate it Many thanks… Jock Parker
    May 2013