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August 2012
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September 2012
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  • aneros_user13872
    Louis You may find a larger model to your liking, and possibly with more success. i had gotten the larger ones, maximus and progasm-ice because i wanted more of a feeling of a cock up my ass, since i long to experience that, butt never have. They do help my fantasy with that, altho i put a nice man at the end of them, or them as a cock on the end of a nice man. lol, but not really laffing, i luv it! However if u are going to invest in another, i would recommend the vice if u like vibration. i call it my vibe. it is as large as progasm, but softer being of silicone. it can of course be used, too, w/o the muze vibe. I don't know if u can get that model elsewhere, but check out com under Health and Personal. i got even better prices than there on searching "aneros." Aneros' prices are highly inflated. Paul
    September 2012