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September 2009
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September 2015
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  • euphemistic
    David, while you're dealing with the family emergencies, I'll fill you in with what's going on here. You asked if I had any serious medical problems and I said I didn't. Over the weekend in Philadelphia I needed chest pains and feeling short of breath several times. I've had these episodes occasionally but I always check out fine so I've been ignoring them. They're rather rare but they have been occurring more regularly since the weekend. I'm getting checked out by my doctor. Of course I continue my night sleeping sessions because they're very gentle. I'm leery about having the waking sessions because I'm afraid but of course I still have them if I'm feeling okay. They don't seem related to the cardiac symptoms, I get those mainly when I'm feeling stressed. Like this weekend my cousin sent me a threatening email through my sister about taking her name off my family tree that I published on the web eons ago. Maybe I'll ask for some advice on the forum too. I hope you're doing well.
    October 2013
  • timnall
    Hi Rikaaim. Its good to hear from you. Thankyou for your reply. I have a faith. Would you like to tell me about yourself. ru married, how old ru, where do u live. i live in uk and am married and have sexuaitiy issues and like to mb. my wife and i dont have sex. i always had toinstigate. she never did and the last time was in 1996. I need orgasms.. Now i have just joined the group and am interested in aneros. i have a faith and am trying to reconcile things and would be grateful for your comments, input and friendship. kind regards tim
    January 2013
  • artform
    Hi rika!! Trying to respond/find your "blog post"... Do you mean here on Aneros site. I looked all through the Aneros Blogs and see none in your name. I am currently looking at the sub-category of this General Discussion called BLOGS, yet are simply more threads... If not on Aneros site, can you give me an address? Or do you mean the Conversation we are having based on your question of dark energies? I am misunderstanding your intent on this I guess....Sorry.
    October 2012
  • artform
    Hi here!! Can you chat here now?
    September 2012