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February 2010
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February 5
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  • Armon-neat
    The short answer to your question is: YES. The device and "rewiring" have helped my lovemaking. I had been using ED meds only when tired and we wanted to "seize the opportunity". In any case, I did experience more intense orgasms with the meds, but not necessarily pleasureable. My urologist offered me testosterone injections, since my total T was low and so was my "biologically active" T, but I have avoided it--too many potential side effects. So, when I started feeling a response from the Aneros sessions--that have now become really consistent, I was hopeful it would "spill over" into my sexual pleasure. As I said, at first, I had a few sessions prior to lovemaking with a very positive result on my erection AND the orgasms. When I have kept the device in for lovemaking, the effect has been VERY noticeable, without meds. I am, so far, a success story and hope to continue...
    August 2013
  • lingaman
    Turnrow ... i hope this gets to you I changed my name in the forum so i dont have any contract infor for you. The date and name of the Linghamans Log entry is: April 8, 2013. it is entitled: Orgasm In J Number 4. Enjoy linghaman
    June 2013
  • rockyguy7572
    Hey there, anything going on
    October 2012