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May 2007
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  • Greetings rumel! As always your posts are concise, and informative. I believe SensitiveGuy22, and RickyDsmith, are one in the same. JMO
    March 14
  • In my third session I tried the various positions suggested by Mr.Mayfield and experienced Super O's in all of them - the session went of for about 4 hours and I lost track of the number of Super O's - no ejaculation. My second question is is there any limit as to how long one can keep the progasm inserted. I am now writing this it with it in and have experienced a number of chairgasms. I fell like I could go on like this all day.
    February 23
  • Hi Rumel, thanks for linking me. I have some questions and do not know if this is the right forum. I bought the Progasm to help me remediate my beginning ED problems and hopefully my occasional PE's. I read on a health site that the progasm can help with kegel exercises. I must admit that I took the comments about the orgasmic potential of the device with a fair amount of skepticism. I am married in my 70's and have virtually no experience with sex toys. First off I found the Progasm the right size. On my first use I discovered the Super O. On my second use I smoked a little MJ and my Progasm session ended with a massive Super O and what I think was an ejaculation with my penis remaining flacid the whole time. My first question is how do I distinguish an ejaculation from a prostate milking emission?
    February 23
  • Small problem..... I use lots of lube, I inject some into the passage before I get started, I lube up real well.... Feels great going in, BUT it seems to dry up when I take them out... (longer I leave them in the harder it is to remove... kind of hurts...) How do you lube to keep soft and moist???? Also, I bought the Eupho Syn, damn thing doesn't take lube well for me.... It gets dry just going in, it is really painful taking it out... I love my Helix, MGX, and regular Eupho.... Don't like the syn at all...
    February 17
  • Hey guys, I'm new to aneros... Bought my first one on Saturday, went and bought three more on Sunday... It's all a bit new, and my hole is a bit sore...... Any suggestions...
    February 17
  • Hi there. Just heard the "Willow and the Light" (Kevin MacLeod) piece that you did, with the MMO edits underneath it--I've had an Aneros for 6 years and have never been as stimulated as using it and listening to this with headphones in a darkened room. Incredible. Felt participatory. Can you share where you culled these MMO samples from, or if another piece like this exists? Thanks so much for doing it--it helped me!
    January 3
  • Hi rumel, hoping i could ask a quick question. I am 44 and a very first time user. I am very happily married with the most wonderful wife in the world. She is fully supportive of me using the aneros and would like to be involved. Do i need to be alone in the beginning stages and secondly our sex life is extremely healthy and she likes it at least every day if not more, once i start the aneros journey can i still have normal sex with her or am i going to stop the aneros journey? Thanks in advance
    December 2013
  • Hey rumel! I wanted to ask a question in the Discussion section (Aneros web site/Forum) about an experience I just had this morning... but when trying to start a new thread, although being logged in, I'm seeing the message "Questions that may already have your answer: error (Authorization Required)", and the textarea into which you type is disabled. Does a forum Admin have to grant me the permission to post a new Discussion? Thanks.
    November 2013
  • I am also new at this, like I mentioned several times, I am reluctant too use the Progasm by Aneros. I am probably using it the wrong way. Does any body have the same type gadget I have.
    July 2013
  • I am new to the forum and need to change my username. There is not a place on the forum page that will allow me to do this. I had my very first "O" last Saturday and want to know more. What a thrill. It was not a super but really woke me up. I've not had that kind of feeling with the sessions that followed but can tell where it came from for sure.
    May 2013
    • tselame
      let me know how to change user name too!
      December 2013
  • Hi.. I hope you have the time to chime in on my latest question. Could need some expertise... :)
    April 2013
  • ok, I got to find out what happened...did some searching and finally went to the glossary and now I am going to try to pick your mind. Situation... Have had 3 sessions with the helix, at first it was hard to find the sweet spot, still is. Kinda feel like an Eskimo kid standing on a baseball field and wondering what I am suppose to do. Anyway, after the 2nd session nothing really happened after about 30 or 40 minutes. Went to sleep and the next morning I was able to massage jr with some lotion and had what I thought a penile ejaculation. Only thing is, no cum....oh something plugged up!!! Dam dick was soft but I felt very strong "feelings" in the penis and pelvic area. So, after looking around some more in the Wiki and stuff I am wondering if this is a "MINI O"? There are times when I get into that muscle thing and can kinda feel like I am really "part of it" so to speak. I am having a hard time "feeling" my prostrate..sometimes I think I go into far.Please
    February 2013
  • Thnaks Rumel!
    January 2013
  • Hi Rumel I am new to this and after reading about prostate massage and BPH I thought I would give it a go. From what I've read its amazing
    December 2012
  • can you help me the my purchase of the hypnaerosesion i used my debit card for the purchase of the downloadable version and i havn't recieved the download yet. The purchase was made on 10/22 mon.
    October 2012
  • Sorry if the last comment appeared curt but I ran out of text (it would not let me type more !!!) To continue though thanks for everything and I am beginning to realize that maybe one Aneros is not enough hence I would love to see a voting system / thread . My life has changed so much in a short time I cannot believe I am posting about this !!! Cheers Webbo
    August 2012
  • Hi , rumel . I am obviously new to this whole experience so I am a bit reluctant to voice my opinion too much in the presence of masters !!! Through my fast track experience of 2 weeks only I have managed to achieve sensations , followed by realisation and a day of super Os that were awesome and a bit scary ? My point is I started with no knowledge , bought an aneros copy (about helix size) , became obsessed with finding my P spot so modified it constantly using a lighter . I am abroad so had to make do with what was available in the local seedy shops . However when I procured a Progasm everything changed and all hell broke loose in a good way . I know find that I would like a balance as I miss the prep , relaxation and do nothing build up (my fake died through too many modifications . I have an MGX on the way now mail order and I cannot wait to start again. I would love the polls to open again too many are way out of date , I would like to know why people have a preference and why .
    August 2012