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January 2008
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October 2015
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  • artform
    hi N!! Just read your comment in my blog here about your being a prospective eager participant in sharing MitOs and related! Anytime we can arrange to both be able to camchat my friend!! At dick or Skype!!
    January 2013
  • artform
    Happy Holidays and have a great New Year of higher and higher energies!! Hope all is well with you my friend!! Chat again soon!!
    December 2012
  • artform
    Great Night!! There is spirit with you all!! How are you Neuro?? Hope we can catch up soon. All the best!!
    November 2012
  • artform
    Hi again!! Haven't seen you here for a bit, and things have been hectic in our household and lives, however settling now and positive!! We have a new house we are moving into next month!! How are you doing?? Also: I am baching it again for 10+ days starting late this Thursday 18th. That means being private anytime I am on and that is likely to be more than recently for sure!! Hope we can chat and likely finally get to campfire!! ;) Art
    October 2012