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September 2003
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  • cherrynomore
    thx for the help. to answer your question regarding application. i have tried a couple different methods tried the whole syringe thing that was pleasant but left me a little uneasy about the cleanliness of the applicator after use. (obviously im referring to post clean up) currently i've just been trying to use clean hands and fingers. not a fan. seems more lube is wasted than anything else. as for the suggestion you had about making a kind of suppository I'm VERY interested. that would seriously make things easier. any ideas what i could use as a mold? all i can think of really is ice cube tray. to be honest i dont hate that idea but am curious what ingredients i could use that would take shape. are you suggesting freezing them? im open to the idea but am worried about numbing and or damage of some kind. its my understanding the rectal walls a extremely fragile. please let me know what and how you suggest i set this up. ps sorry if message is rambling. typing on my shitty phone and ca
    January 2015
  • Turnrow
    Darwin I need your help and comments on a thread I began for a successful businessman freind who described his aneros journey as addiction and distraction and ditched it. Thanks
    March 2013
    Hello there, greetings from Spain
    October 2012
  • whatawildride
    Good morning, hows life treating you today
    October 2012
  • jbesaw
    August 2012