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March 2007
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December 2015
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  • Wuerstchen came back online yesterday, but may not last long. Here's the message: The owner committed suicide on Valentine's Day. The message is from his sister. Thought you would like to know. Hope things are well with you, Art! Cheers, Wu
    March 2015
  • HandsFree
    Artform: I noted your reference to a "scissors" position in an old thread about erection frequency. I googled this, since my wife commented about difficulty in penetrating me with fingers during intercourse. I found a couple very different results, one with the couple kind of laying on their sides with legs open, the other had the man basically standing, with the woman on a table and legs up in the air. Can you explain which type of scissors position you were referring to?
    August 2013
  • Turnrow
    Art I need your help on a thread I began on Aneros Addiction and Distraction for a successful businessman freind of mine. Thanks
    March 2013
  • priapusone
    anything going on in the chat....??....
    January 2013
  • priapusone
    hey art
    January 2013
  • crisosfx
    October 2012
  • ArousedWoman
    HELLO!!!!!! :-)
    October 2012
  • brine
    Hey, pal. You online?
    September 2012
  • robabrue1
    Hey artform. How's everything going? I had a question about the massage therapist. Will you be on later?
    August 2012
  • Kev
    Hey! Thanks so much for your reply!! :) I referred to witholding your sperm and not to ejaculate at all.. HumanBeing sent me the following article: "Raymond Bernard - Science Discovers The Physiological Value Of Continence".. I was quite shocked to be honest after reading that.. Kev
    July 2012