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July 2012
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September 2013
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All my Aneros devices now in little tiny pieces, and tossed in the bin (except for the Tempo, which has been thrown into a pile of scrap metal to be recycled). The unrefined shea butter, walnut oil, organic beeswax, and Crisco (vegetable shortening) have been thrown into the compost. The other items such as silicone lubes, water based lubes, lube shooters, and cleaning wipes have been thrown in the trash. It's been a relatively expensive experiment, and without any of the results I would have liked, but it provided a valuable, albeit bitter learning experience. Obviously, not one of the success stories here.
  • timnall
    Hi I saw your comment. If you thought I was being exclusive and trying to preclude others from replying please forgive me. That was never my intention. The reason why I posted that is that I have just joined this group and wanted advice and information from people of faith. As i said i am brand new to this. To tell u a little about me I like mbing Can we be friends . Would you tell me about yourself and your expereinces. Thanks Tim
    January 2013
  • priapusone
    same here, is there no main board? new to the new
    November 2012