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July 2011
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June 2015
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  • aneros_user49291
    Sorry this is so sporadic, it only gave me so much space.
    March 2014
  • aneros_user49291
    Hey just read your post and I wanted to let you know that I am also a Christian and had a similar situation with my fiancé around the time that we got married. I'm 28 and she's 23 and we both have very strong beliefs and theology when it comes to Christianity. As far as the situation with your fiancé/ wife goes I may be able to give advice. Haha actually my wife now wants sex more than I do. If you wish to talk I'll go into more detail then. But as far as the aneros thing goes I've owned mine(mgx, sgx, helix, eupho, progasm, progasm Jr, helix syn, eupho syn, tempo, and another I can't remember the name) coming up on 3 years and one of the few time I got an orgasmic response from one of my toys was when I feel asleep with it in and woke up to amazing pleasurable feelings and at the same time like I was peeing the bed(but I wasnt). I also saw you asked a question about lube and for me I use 100% organic Shea butter (make sure it unfiltered). God bless your marriage!
    March 2014
  • Armon-neat
    I haven't joined in the discussion because I saw it going "south" especially with the prejudices of some of the members.. I consider myself a man of faith ( not yours) and am in a monogamous relationship with my very first love for over 43 years. My wife and I were inexperienced and she was fairly limited in her sexual response. And I didn't help by being so orgasmically driven and not so great at control 43 years ago. I do believe that caring and very patient lovemaking can bring your fiancée around. As far as the role of the aneros device in this, I think I'd leave it qasie for now. I can explain I if you'd like. I'd be ok with continuing our dialogue if you are. With best wishes a
    March 2014