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May 2010
Last Active
October 2015
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  • aneros_user13872
    aneros_user13872 changed his profile picture.
    August 2015
  • Xileh
    Paul, I was just thinking I hadn't seen you posting for a while and wondered about you. I see you changed your ID which was a good move. Glad to see you are still around and hope all is well. Xileh
    May 2013
  • BigGlansDC
    Hi Paul, I hope your date with a gay guy for sex goes well for you. I believe that you were having apprehensions of losing your anal virginity. I hope the guy is gentle and loving with you. As regards hooking up with gay men for sex, I tend to be rather cautious. I am a GWM, 63, who is still single and happy with that presently. Anyway thank you for your interest in my Aneros experiences. A question for you. It appears with the redesigned Aneros site I do not see the section for blogs. Do you notice that too. If so, do you know when the blogs section will be brought back. Thom.
    July 2012
  • BigGlansDC
    Hi Paul, I am really getting to Helix Syn these days. Read my posting under discussions. Thanks, Thom.BigGlansDC
    July 2012