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June 2008
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December 2010
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  • zang
    Hi Alana, i'm new here and i've been listning to Rumels Cd, and let me just say you have one sexy/beautiful voice. If you look as good as you sound then you must be one beautiful lady. Please forgive me, i've been a single guy for a long time. I was badly hurt in a relationship, but your voice is lovely. I work nights and have trouble sleeping and your voice even helps me to sleep! I've had only a couple of sessions with the Cd so far and am using the Aneros Helix syn, but hearing your voice make me want to carry on Synning! All the best to you, and i hope you voice a follow up version one day. Also i have tried to visualise you on the Cd, but i am rubbish at that sort of thing. I know it sounds cheeky, but can you give me any clues to what you look like? Have Fun zang
    August 2012