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nipple cumming
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,304
    well, not really.

    but almost.

    i've been getting more and more into the nipple thing. they rock.

    my strongest nipple orgasms really feel like they are trying to cum. they rhythmically orgasm similar to how we do downstairs when we cum, and my chest and pecs push out, like our reflex to thrust our dick deeper when we are cumming (to get the semen to penetrate into the cervix). in sum it is a cumming feeling. not as strong as downstairs, but definite, and it feels great.

    nothing has come out... yet. (that'd be pretty amazing huh?)

    another thing about nipples. i have found a new way to stimulate them. basically it is squeezing a little tittie between your fingers

    put your right hand flat against your left pec so that your nipple is between your index finger and your ring finger at about the end nuckles, with about an inch separating the fingers. now close the scissors. you should have a small wad of tittie between your fingers. bascially the nipple and some surrounding tissue, which amounts to the bulk of the sensitive nipple flesh.

    you can move your hand or fingers in a rhythmic motion and it is like you are stimulating a "whole male tit."

  • Hi Darwin,

    I have to confess until I read your posting recently I had never really paid much attention to my nipples. But after reading it I thought i'd have a go, and wow with a little patience the results were fantastic. I alternate between stroking and pinching and as you say it feels like I want to cum. My penis gets hard and starts to throb and twitch like i'm going to cum but its like a dry orgasm. I too want to see if I can actually cum this way. Suffice to say I will no longer be neglecting my nipples!
  • darwindarwin
    Posts: 1,304
    pleasure seeker-

    cool!! go for it. if you can ejaculate that way, definitely post about it!

    (uh oh, i have a feeling i didn't make something clear in my post. in my case my nipples themselves feel like they are trying to cum, like they want to ejaculate or squirt.)

  • pleasure seeker;

    I tried for 40 years to cum with nipple stim. only and could never pull it off. Doesn't mean it can't be done of course. I read in Playboy once, that a guy regularly pulled it off. Wish I had been multi orgasmic in my earlier days, might have been able to do it right after a Super O.

    Keep us posted.